by oigelcox 18 Feb 2013

Did everyone see Megannes Brothers house on the TV news last night Channel 9. Those Cows all but destroyed the inside of the house and the tennants things inside the house even destroyed the kids toys. The poor woman had just given birth to a new baby during the flood and now they have none of their possessionds left. God help them the need his blessings. Hugs Joyce.


by meganne 20 Feb 2013

I have been searching for the news story to send to my brother but I haven't found it yet. I did phone him and tell him, as well as forwarding another Cutie's pm, so he now knows about it, though I don't know what he can do. It's about a 15 hour drive from where he lives in NSW and he can't just take time off work to go up there, as much as I know he wants to check out the damage done to his house and start the cleaning up.
I think I will phone him again tomorrow to see if there is any way I can help.

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oigelcox by oigelcox 21 Feb 2013

Tell him to look for the video by date it was aired on the 17th of February so he can flip back through the pages it has numbered pages for the videos like this site at the bottom of the video page it has a close up of a cow in the doorway.. Hugs Joyce

by shirley124 20 Feb 2013

So sorry to hear what has happened to this family. My prayers are going out to them. Shirley

by sukira 18 Feb 2013

So sorry to hear that.Sending prayers their way, and hoping they will recover soon from this disaster. Hugs and blessings, Rachel

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oigelcox by oigelcox 19 Feb 2013

Yes they need all the prayers and hugs they can get. Hugs Joyce

by kezza2sew 18 Feb 2013

No I never, I guess it only goes to show that cows are not house trained. Considering they usually live in a paddock and eat grass and any place is their toilet, I am sure the community will help them out...

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oigelcox by oigelcox 19 Feb 2013

The so called mud army all volinteers from all over Australia are helping

by capoodle 18 Feb 2013

This is a horrible outcome to that family. Praying that the community will step up and help them with their ruined possessions and find them a clean place to live.

by jrob Moderator 18 Feb 2013

Oh, how awful! That is so sad for them.

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bevintex by bevintex 18 Feb 2013

I know when people hear this story on the news people will step up and help them out.