by mysew1325 16 Feb 2013

A Child's embroidery machine is down right now so I have made a few blankets.. this is one.. I did points on the border to give it a boost..


by airyfairy 09 Apr 2013

This is just beautiful - I would not know where to start. The colours you have chosen are just right. A work of art!!!

by greytgirl 08 Apr 2013

Beautiful quilt. Love the colors and the points really add to the border.

by santies 08 Apr 2013

This is very nice, I want to know about the designs, where can I buy them. Thanks for something special.

by noah 08 Apr 2013

Nice job did u quilt this by machine ??hugs

by cfidl 08 Apr 2013

wow - and did you the free hand quilting and how was it done? on what a long arm? It is so beautiful! You have the skills I want!

by stella1 08 Apr 2013

That is so excellent so beautiful and lovely Like the points on it is cute

by kezza2sew 08 Apr 2013

very pretty and I love the pointed bits around the they still call them 'sharks teeth' or something else.

by queenofhearts 08 Apr 2013

This is beautiful. I have never seen the points done that way before.

by marthie 08 Apr 2013

Well done. I loved the colours you have used.

by buffy1 16 Feb 2013


by cj2sew 16 Feb 2013

What a pretty, colorful baby quilt. Those prairie points add just the right touch too.

by robinbird 16 Feb 2013

Such an adorable quilt you've made& the colors are so cheery too.Sure to be enjoyed by the child who gets it.Thanks for sharing your work.:~D

by blueeyedblonde 16 Feb 2013

good job!

by oaro 16 Feb 2013

looks very nice

by teun 16 Feb 2013

Sieht wunderschön aus

by capoodle 16 Feb 2013

Nice job putting all the pieces together and the points do add good finished touch.

by highlandermom 16 Feb 2013

This is a beautiful quilt and the points do add to it's eye catching charm.

by jerrib 16 Feb 2013

This is a beautiful quilt. Do you have a free arm quilting machine? I love the stippling.
Hugs Jerri

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mysew1325 by mysew1325 16 Feb 2013

actually I have a lady that does the quilting for me.. we have a small place and I would have no room for that machine..

by pldc 16 Feb 2013

the prairie points are a lovely touch to this childs quilt. well done! Hugs Loralye

by stella1 16 Feb 2013

It is and very cute quilt and so great work from you. Thats a greast idea for kiddies

by anabela edited 16 Feb 2013

another great work from you. I like it very much

by rsehorse 16 Feb 2013

Very nice work. Hugs, Susan

by marvon 16 Feb 2013

great idea - its a beautiful quilt

by noah 16 Feb 2013

Love the points but i do them only as a border i make them 5x5 and thats it !!but they just pick it up and ,make u take a second look lol hugs