by shuede 14 Feb 2013

Valentine's Day pouches from I made these for my daughter's 1st grade class.


by elizabethak 30 May 2013

Beautiful. How you and daughter doing? She must be quite grown up. Tried to visit in August 2013 but looks like it won't happen. Been off far too much this year. My daughter had an unexpected baby girl on 24th Feb. The most georgeous reddish haired green eyed baby ever. She has been here with us some 5 weeks andwill leave on the 10th. Sadly she will have to put her chid in day care to return to work on the 1st July.
My American GD is almost 2 (in August) and the cutest thing but she is a very picky eater so still a tiny little thing. Remember she was 6 weeks prem.
Hope all is well with you.
Love from Soith Africa

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shuede by shuede 01 Jun 2013

Hello, Elizabeth! Glad I stumbled on this post. I will send you a PM. Denise

by blueeyedblonde 16 Feb 2013

turned out great!

by shuede 15 Feb 2013

Thanks for all the nice comments! I think the kids liked them. More importantly, my daughter really enjoyed handing them out!!

by mysew1325 14 Feb 2013

wow... great job.

by buffy1 14 Feb 2013


by kezza2sew 14 Feb 2013

well what a lovely gift for all and your love for them all to.,..what did teacher get?

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shuede by shuede 15 Feb 2013

My daughter wanted a heart pouch, too, so I made her one. In the rush of things, I included her heart with the others. When I got to the class later in the day to volunteer, I noticed she had given the teacher her heart (thinking I was going to bring hers personally when I came to volunteer). But, actually, the teacher's gift was a gift voucher to a local restaurant. Luckily, my daughter was distracted by her "real" Valentine gift and didn't ask about her heart. Back to the embroidery machine before she remembers ... and she will. She remembers everything!!

by oaro 14 Feb 2013

this is very nice gift

by capoodle 14 Feb 2013

They are much better than candy. Can see the girls outnumber the boys in her class.

shuede by shuede 14 Feb 2013

Thanks! I did add one treat to the pouch in the back. There are 13 girls and 7 boys. Her teacher has mentioned several times that she wished she had 7 girls and 13 boys. I just got through volunteering in the class, and I had a hard time getting the boys to pay attention, so I am a little surprised. Nearly every girl listened and sat still!

kezza2sew by kezza2sew 14 Feb 2013


capoodle by capoodle 14 Feb 2013

Yes the girls seem to mature before the boys so for the boys to sit still long enough to learn is more difficult.

by aussiequilter 14 Feb 2013

Oh so cute

by sandralochran 14 Feb 2013


by dragonflyer 14 Feb 2013

Lucky nice of you to do these for all those little ones!

by pldc 14 Feb 2013

well aren't you a sweetheart for doing these all up! awesome

by cj2sew 14 Feb 2013

Sew very nice. Lots of love went into all these.

by noah 14 Feb 2013

Wow now u been busy hugs

by lenamae 14 Feb 2013

nice gifts.
hugs lenamae

by highlandermom 14 Feb 2013

Very cute !!!!!!

by shirlener88 14 Feb 2013

Very cute DUDE!

by lilylady 14 Feb 2013

What a wonderful mother you are! Happy Valentines Day to You.

by pennyhal 14 Feb 2013

Those are so cool! Love the little roses you added.

by jerrib 14 Feb 2013

Lovely, I bet your daughter couldn't wait to take these to school. Luckly little girl and school mates.

by justsew 14 Feb 2013

How lovely. just the job.
Hugs Pam.

by bowlds 14 Feb 2013

Very cute, the kids will love those!