by mechille 13 Feb 2013

Hi cuties. I am looking for a free star. My hubby's work gives out little stars for awards, and I have lost 2 of his and he would like them put on his hat. They are just a single color star, not very big, only about 1/2 to 3/4 inches. If anyone know where I could find a free one... I would be greatful. Thanks again. Mechille


by sewmom 13 Feb 2013

I just noticed a star here too but I don't know it's size. Go to Embroidery on the left then scroll to bottom for Free designs. On my tablet I saw its n the 3rd page.

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mechille by mechille 13 Feb 2013

Your wonderful. This one looks just like the one he had. I'll check the size....
Didn't know about this site.
Thanks again... *4U

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by sewmom edited 03 Apr 2013

1.There is a set of stars here.
2. 2 stars in 1 design under 1 inch.

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mechille by mechille 13 Feb 2013

Great..... You seems to always know where we can find stuff. I'm sure 1 of these will work forsure. Another site I didn't know anything about. Thanks again. Mechille