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2-10-13 Sun-Lots of Hearts!!! Carpenter IJK, Bible Verses, FSL Valentines, Tropical YZ period, Silouhettes in a heart locket, Carousel Bears, Wood and Love Bunny, Applique Airplane, PNW Heart, and more.

I got my annual mammogram last week and the very next day I heard that an acquaintance found out she had breast cancer that was discovered with a regular screening. Don’t wait, get yours too!

Yesterday’s post. Check the add-ons. FSL Valentines from sewinhuggs are listed in yesterday’s post too.


Snowflake QR-this is not changed regularly so check often

The freebie is a picture in the lower right column. Click on the picture to download. You get a psf file. My old Pulse Ambassador will open it and convert it. This is not the online version but an old downloadable version.

Heart letter in member area. L was up when I looked.
Snowflake alpha Z

Carpenter Alpha IJK –Thank you Alice
Technical support

FSL Coaster Y – Thank you Julia and Yoriko.

Check for new design

Friday Present - Heart

CutieFont M

Check for new

Check for new design

Check for new design

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Hourly free design

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Facebook daily freebie

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Go to Freebie at the top left to find more freebies. Follow the links to even more freebies.

Freebies change every 4 hours here

Freebies change every 5 hours


Art Deco Floral 5


Tropical YZ period
missed letters

Ava Shamrock "Greenwork" 4x4
Maybe coming soon. This is free with a coupon code I got in a newsletter. I have sent an email to ask if I can share the code. Meanwhile, join the newsletter.

Carousel Bears, Numbers and more children designs

Medallion- Silouhettes in a heart locket. Click on “la” on this sentencePour le téléchargement de cette broderie machine gratuit c'est : là

Heart Block-click on ICI

Heart and lock and key- click on ICI for rar file or click on la for hus
Swirled heart click on ICI

Heart with Waves-click onICI

Bunny – Wood and Love

Hearts alpha A-Z

Check for new design
Applique Airplane

Applique Flower 3

Heart. Hover over the picture and click “view” then on the next page click Free Download.


Lace and Roses Monogram VWX

2 Color Satin Heart

Bell Bottom F soon

New Designers of the Week to check out

Take a look on your own or if I have time to add new ones they will be below these 2 links.
Newest DBC

Bible Verses- From Momhome's baby quilt and cross frame by Basketkase. There are 14 verses in the series. From dragonflyer

Verse 14 - Psalms 127:3

Verse 13 - Psalm 8:2

Verse 12 - Proverbs 22:6

Verse 11 - Proverbs 20:11

Verse 10 - Proverbs 1:8

Verse #9 - Matthew 18:10

Bible Verse #8 - Mark 10:14

Bible Verse #7 - Mark 9:37

Bible Verse #6 - Jeremiah 29:11

Bible Verse #5 - Isaiah 54:13

Bible Verse #4 - Ephesians 6:2

Bible Verse #3 - Colossians 3:20

Verse #2 - 3 John 1:4 - Corrected Files

Bible Verse #1 - 1 John 4:4
SEWFORUM – Designs and Instructions

1. Click any sewforum link
2. Sign in at sewforum
3. Go back to my post and click the link again. It will work now that you are signed in.

First link is to search on your own.

REMEMBER- hit CTRL f5 at the same time to refresh your page if you don’t see a new design up.
I have not downloaded all of the monthly designs yet so let me know if there is a problem.
For previously announced February designs click on the first 3 links here.


Searching for designs on Cute: Go to a search engine like Google and enter what you are looking for and add CuteEmbroidery. For example: fsl candle cover CuteEmbroidery. If you think I have announced it add sewmom to your search.

Designs By Cuties Master Catalog list – Do not post or comment on this list unless you are adding a catalog page. Book mark this page or put it in a saved Word document for yourself.


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Michelle of Needle Little has replied and I cannot share the code for this design. It is only for newsletter subscribers. On the lower left of her page you will find the newsletter sign up. She also has a page of freebies for everyone there.

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