by Nanasings 09 Feb 2013

This is my first attempt at combining Embroidery with my main passion, quilting. I really love surfing through what you Cuties put together, you give me lots of inspiration. I have been a member since last year but I have not been brave enough to "show my work" until now!


by justsew 12 Feb 2013

You have done a fantastic job,I like the way you have put it together.
Hugs Pam.

by Nanasings 12 Feb 2013

Thank you all so much for your encouragement. When I can get these ideas out of my head and done up on the sewing machine, I will post more!

by askmcv 11 Feb 2013

Beautiful work! Keep showing your always gives us pleasure and ideas when we see someone else's masterpieces :)

by pldc 10 Feb 2013

well you have done an impressive job! show us more we won't bite LOL

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pldc by pldc 10 Feb 2013

whoa alot of zeros here? **************4all yes all

by mysew1325 10 Feb 2013

great job... love the little designs too

by clawton 10 Feb 2013

A really lovely piece of work. Great combination of colors and designs.

by smburt 10 Feb 2013

I love your materials, so pretty.That is a great quilt.

by dollygk 10 Feb 2013

This is really cute, I love the combination of colors and patterns, GREAT job!

by teun 10 Feb 2013

Der Quilt sieht fantastisch aus

by spendlove Moderator 10 Feb 2013

This is lovely - please don't wait so long to show us more of your work!

by blueeyedblonde 10 Feb 2013

very cute!

by airyfairy 10 Feb 2013

Beautiful work and I just love the colours. Hope we see a lot more projects from you. Sarah.

by dianap 10 Feb 2013

love your quilt and your embroidery well done.

by anitapatch 10 Feb 2013

Nice combined colours and pattern

by pennifold 10 Feb 2013

Well done and do I see a pair of hands either side of this quilt? Congratulations on doing such a cute little quilt. Love and blessings Chris, Newcastle, Australia.

by BabyAbyss 09 Feb 2013

luv the choice of colours & patterns. looks great!

by momhome 09 Feb 2013

Very nice combination. Please join in more often. We would love to hear your comments about in a lot of areas.

by dordonc 09 Feb 2013

nice work

by lilylady 09 Feb 2013

I would say you have good taste in material, embroidering and quilting. Welcome!

by noah 09 Feb 2013

Well show us this is awesome i even show u my bad ones lol and i got a few let me tell u welcome hugs carolyn

by rsloan 09 Feb 2013

Show us some more of your work, we love to share.

by oaro 09 Feb 2013

looks beautiful great fabric combination

by buffy1 09 Feb 2013


by capoodle 09 Feb 2013

Beautiful work on the quilt and the fabrics are a good fit for the animals.

by highlandermom 09 Feb 2013

You are a inspiration! What a beautiful quilt and sending you a Welcome hug.

by lyns edited 09 Feb 2013

This is great, perfect combination of the two passions. And as you said we give each other inspriation so please show more of your work. Lyn. xx

by olly 09 Feb 2013

Wow - now you are giving inspiration. This is a lovely quilt. I look forward to seeing more of your projects on Cute.

by sewdeb edited 09 Feb 2013

What a terrific quilt! Love the fabrics you used - suits the designs to a tee! I hope to see more of your great projects in the future! Well done and *'s for you!

by asterixsew Moderator 09 Feb 2013

What a great piece of work you are introducing your self with. Welcome to Cute,it is much more fun taking part than watching from the sidelines

by monicahall 09 Feb 2013

wow what a great job you have done, love the material and colours which go with the design beautifuly, WELL DONE.

by rescuer Moderator 09 Feb 2013

Nice design! Don't be shy about posting your work. Flowers for you.