by patchwork4424 04 Feb 2013

I've made some door stops or even paper weights for a proposed stall. Designs come from all around. Will they sell???


by pldc edited 07 Feb 2013

what a clever idea! they are terrific! I think they should sell really well! I may have to make one too!

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pldc by pldc 07 Feb 2013

***********************for all!

by vikkilporter 07 Feb 2013

Maybe tea cozy? Just a thought, if no bottom. Beautiful designs.

by sandralochran 07 Feb 2013

Sure they will

by katydid 06 Feb 2013

precious!! Hope they sell in a hurry!

by snowbird42 06 Feb 2013

yes yes yes they should go like" hot cakes" soozie

by smallwunderz 06 Feb 2013

very clever
yes, they will sell
Good Luck !!
Lois W.

by chefin 06 Feb 2013

cool idea look great

by greytgirl 06 Feb 2013

Clever idea! Good luck with your stall and yes, I do think they will sell.

by marianb 05 Feb 2013

love the idea! yes indeed they would sell put me down for marian

by awesome1 05 Feb 2013

They look a bit like the pyramids for holding iPads and books. Maybe they could be multi-purpose? to help with the sales?

by Gerdie 05 Feb 2013

Sure they will sell. They are so beautiful.
How many did you made?What is in it? I am curious about it.

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patchwork4424 by patchwork4424 05 Feb 2013

I put rice and a little stuffing. Thank you!!!

by rielmar 05 Feb 2013

They are beautiful ... I would buy the one with the bears or Home sweet home or the one with the cup cake ..... too good! Can you quantify in money all the love and passion that you put in them? I just can not ..... good luck, friend!

by zoefzoef 05 Feb 2013

The designs themselves are nice, so that will not be the problem. I think it depends on the price and if people want to pay for that. Sometimes I have the impression that everybody likes what you are creating and want it too, but if you ask money for it, they don't want it anymore. Good luck with your sale !

by nualaa 05 Feb 2013

I really like the idea, Good luck with the sale.

by nualaa 05 Feb 2013

I really like the idea, Good luck with the sale.

by momhome 04 Feb 2013

Very nice. I like them. Good luck.

by highlandermom 04 Feb 2013

You have lots of lovely choice designs and yes I believe you will sell.

by 02kar Moderator 04 Feb 2013

They are certainly eye appealing. Very nicely done.

by oaro 04 Feb 2013

they are lovely

by pennifold 04 Feb 2013

Great idea. Love the simple design of the triangular shape. Love and blessings Chris

by capoodle 04 Feb 2013

Great assortment of colors and designs. I like the handle on top so you can pick it up and move it somewhere else. What did you use for weight?

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patchwork4424 by patchwork4424 05 Feb 2013

Plain old rice and a bit of stuffing!!!

by noah 04 Feb 2013

there lovely and yes i think they will sale hugs