by sewmom 03 Feb 2013

Sewing themed USB stick flash drives! Fun!!!


by kazza 26 Feb 2013

Love them!

by sewmom 26 Feb 2013

Update: I ordered the Sewing machine style and it is very flimsy; I've never seen a USB stick like it. Besides that, it was bulky so I exchanged it for the Tape Measure style and I am much happier.

by sewmom 06 Feb 2013

Kens has free shipping and although it said on the site that they were out of the sewing machine style, they actually have a few left.

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sewmom by sewmom 06 Feb 2013

They just updated the page to show they are in stock.

by vickiannette 04 Feb 2013

love them. Easy to identify the one with embroidery on it.

by asterixsew Moderator 04 Feb 2013

Made for the ME who has everything? They are pretty,mine are very boring by comparison

by bevinoz 04 Feb 2013

My dealer here in Canberra has them for sale for $12. I believe these are being made especially for sale in sewing machine dealers because some machines can't handle USBs larger than 2 gb safely and 2 gig sticks are hard to find these days.

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sewmom by sewmom 05 Feb 2013

$12!!! Nice! I'm afraid with shipping it would be way over that for me.

by zoefzoef 04 Feb 2013

lovely ! just a pitty that the price is too much for a 2 GB stick. Can't even copy my designs on it.

by meganne 04 Feb 2013

Cute as..... I'd love the machine and tape measure ones but they probably want double the price to post them to Aus. :-((

by lyns 04 Feb 2013

I have the red "roll of thread" as a pressy from Hubby but I have to "wiggle it" to make it connect in my Brother 4000. Have no problems with other usb's. Lyn. xx

by airyfairy 04 Feb 2013

I love these - That is a lot of money and I live so far away.

by rsehorse 03 Feb 2013

AOMG they are so cute. I have quite a collection of USB sticks started. Most of mine are animals though. Thanks for sharing, Susan

by 02kar Moderator 03 Feb 2013

They are cute. Thanks for the info.

by clawton 03 Feb 2013

They are sooo cute.

by sandyqueen 03 Feb 2013

They are darn cute but I can buy 4MB for $3.00 so would have to be feeling rich. My 3 sewing sisters should each get a different sewing one from me.


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sewmom by sewmom 03 Feb 2013

Yes, gifts, that's what these should be!

by askmcv 03 Feb 2013

very cute, but IMHO, very expensive :(

by michemb 03 Feb 2013

I saw these last week, think they are great but really a little pricey.
Very cute though

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mrskiki by mrskiki 04 Feb 2013

I agree. Too pricey for me.

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by sewmom edited 03 Feb 2013

The first links were from a search so I guess it didn't work well. Here are direct links at that site.
Ken's has free shipping but is currently out of the sewing machine. Besides the shipping cost, they are the same price.

by sewfrenzie 03 Feb 2013

Not sure if the first one was suppossed to have these too. But the second links works and a 3 are there. What a cute idea!

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sewmom by sewmom 03 Feb 2013

Thank you. I added direct links.