by bikermomfl 30 Jan 2013

Not quite sure where to post this but hope this is correct. I was wondering I have been seeing these darling in the hoop stuffed toys. Do they really turn out like the pics? I would love to make a group of them but don't know if I can get them to look like the pics. I think they would make a great sales item for my craft fairs. Thanks


by rsehorse 30 Jan 2013

I love making stuffed toys ITH. Give one a try I think you will be delightfully surprised. They stitch up so quickly in the hoop. Using my sewing machine to make one now seems like WORK. If you need help along the way I would be glad share my method. Hugs,Susan

by susiesembroidery 30 Jan 2013

They are easy to do and such fun. I love doing int the hoop stuffed toys for my market. They are great sellers. Just jump in and do one, you will love it, I am sure.

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hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy edited 30 Jan 2013

I think if you experiment with your own fabrics and follow some of the suggestions given, you'll end up loving these little ITH animals. They turn out great for me - AND they are fast and easy! Kids especially love the little pocket animals, carrying them in their little hands. And, they are so quick and easy to make, you can sell them at a price parents can afford to spoil their kids for the day!

by spendlove Moderator 30 Jan 2013

I can assure you that any designs I have put in DBC are really easy and I have had good feedback from everyone who has stitched them out. One thing I have noticed is that those who have posted a picture in Projects of one of my designs has made a much better job of making them than I did!
There are a few tricks to learn as sewmom says. Choose your fabric carefully, fleece is easy to work with, particularly if you haven't tried before. Mattress stitch is great for the openings (they are virtually invisible) and teasing out the pile of the fabric along the seams is also worth the effort. A pair of strong tweezers is helpful for turning and stuffing - particularly the fiddly bits.
The designs that I have done jointly with rsehorse are not in DBC as they are more complex, but they do come with extremely detailed instructions.

by sewmom 30 Jan 2013

Another trick I do is to Stay Stitch the turning openings. I do this for all pillows too. Straight stitch just inside the seam allowances of the opening before turning right side out. This keeps the opening from stretching out and gives you a neat line to follow when your hand stitching the opening closed.

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olds by olds 30 Jan 2013

Thank you for this hint. I will try. I made about 40 bunnies
year before last in the hoop. I got so tired of bunnies!.lol

by dino 30 Jan 2013

I have made all kinds of stuffed toys and they turn out so cute. I sold some at a craft bazaar last year. They are easy to do. Just follow the instructions. Have fun!

by sewmom 30 Jan 2013

I would say it depends on your sewing ability. Make sure you trim curved edges properly and snip the triangles off corners before you turn it right side out so you get the best possible smooth seams.

by cfidl 30 Jan 2013

I need to make at least one of the designs I have. I will try to work on one today!

by 02kar Moderator 30 Jan 2013

The stuffed toys I have made have turned out so cute. Parent and kids alike love them. But I have never made the stuffed toys that are made in parts and then sewn together. So try making one to see how it comes out. I'd like to know what you think. Best wishes on this endeavor.