by bonnetgirl 28 Jan 2013

Just a vent.....why does anyone take drugs???? I heard that a neice will be taking care of her 3 month old baby alone now....Her husband OD on drugs. She is only 19 and is just so upset....She gave him a choice leave the drugs alone and get help or they will have to seperate. He could not leave them alone so now he died and she is crying her heart out thinking she did something wrong or could have tried harder and we have a baby who will never know his father. Sorry just had to vent.


by nualaa 05 Feb 2013

So sorry for your niece and for Lance. He has missed seeing his beautiful daughter grow up. My prayers are with you all.

by bonnetgirl 29 Jan 2013

Thank you all for the prayers being sent for Lance and his wife and baby. I thought you might like to see a picture of him and his wife and the notice.

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kezza2sew by kezza2sew 08 Feb 2013

Well I believe in the ressurection so when God calls him one day to come out of the tomb, all will rejoice. We just have to wait for that day....and he will be clean of drugs when that happens. This will be in the new system..

by hightechgrammy 29 Jan 2013

It is so sad, and such a waste of a human life. Why, or why do people get started on them?

by joansatx 29 Jan 2013

I'm so sorry and it is all so very sad. Prayfully, Joan

by christracey 29 Jan 2013

Prayers being sent for your neice & her baby & your family.

by oigelcox 29 Jan 2013

Prayers to you and your family. Drugs make no sence to me. She cant blame herself she tried to make him see he had a problem and that was all she could do the addict has to want to do it themselves.

by noah 28 Jan 2013

So Sad !hugs

by airyfairy 28 Jan 2013

What a waste of a young life and so very sad.

by drro 28 Jan 2013

So very sad; I be praying for your niece and your family. Hugs and God Bless.

by rachap 28 Jan 2013

Hope you can all rally around her and the baby with lots of hugs, love and support. She did what she thought best and no one should second guess her if they have not been in her shoes.

by kezza2sew 28 Jan 2013

her comments were probably her way of trying to get him to stop. I don't think people on drugs can get off them by them selves they usually need lots of love and help from family and the rehab centres.. time should heal her wound I hope so anyway.

by capoodle 28 Jan 2013

This has been a real shock for her and soon she will realize it wasn't her fault. Sometimes a person isn't strong enough to stop on their own and are in denial that there is a problem. She has a good chance to start her life over making better choices for her and the baby. Praying for the best for her and the little one.

by susiesembroidery 28 Jan 2013

I am so sorry to hear about his tragedy in your lives. I know that addiction is terrible and I hope she has trauma councilling available to her. She is not to be blamed and should really not blame herself, but live life to the fullest for her babie's sake. May God bless you all.

by rescuer Moderator 28 Jan 2013

Drugs "kill" the pain that people have from bad experiences. Some would do anything to get that moment of "peace."
I am sorry your neice feels she did something wrong. I hope there is a support group or some place she could go to for help. She needs to know and really feel -- she is not to blame. Once she gets to that point, she will find life is much better without the drama that comes with drug addiction. Please encourage her to get help. It may sound harsh, but if she does not get help, she may end up with another man that also has serious problems. I am certain she and her baby deserve to be loved and cherished. I have hope for her future because she has family that loves her. Tell her you believe in her. Tell you love her and support her.

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hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 29 Jan 2013

So well stated. She needs to recognize how strong she is, and have the family and friend support she is really going to need. Help hold her up strong. Women are sooo strong = stronger than we first think we are!

by gerryvb 28 Jan 2013

Drugs, must be awful if you have an addiction like that. I'm very sorry for your neice and her little baby, my prayers for her. It must be hard for her, but I think she did gave him a right choice, it would be a dangerous and not safe situation if the child grew up with a young mother and an addicted daddy. I hope she will have people around her, who support her with this.

by smallwunderz 28 Jan 2013

so so sorry. Your niece is so young and to deal with this is very frightening. addictions are life altering, not only for the addicted but for all those in his life.

With a strong family support, I am sure you niece and her baby will make it through. It will be a struggle for them, as it is with any single mother raising such a young baby, but I will pray for God's guidance throughout.

Hugs to you, your niece, and her family

Lois W.

by sewfrenzie 28 Jan 2013

My heart goes out to you and your neice. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. It was his choice and his alone. He would have done it eventually if he did not get help, she is not to blame. He chose to take the route he did and did not think about who would be hurt by his actions. Angel hit it right on the head with her post. I couldn't have said it better.
Again I will keep her and you in my thoughts and prayers. I hope she gets some help dealing with this, she is not to blame and she needs to work that out so she can go on with her life without the guilt hanging over her head.

by anangel 28 Jan 2013

This is such a sad situation, and, unfortunately, a most frequent one is todays society. People use drugs, for various reasons, both illegal and prescription ones, and often become addicted. Once addicted, the drugs take over the mind and control the person. They have to be forced into rehabilitation by someone who cares, because they have no will left; the drugs take it! But, then, laws often restrict forceful intervention, unless the one addicted agrees to treatment, sorta like asking a child if he wants to leave the candy alone. Odds are slim for help many times, until they are arrested or land in the hospital from an OD. So sorry for your niece and baby.
Hugs, Angel

by sdrise 28 Jan 2013

So sad for them and you. Will send the family some prayers. Suzanne