by momhome 27 Jan 2013

Digitizers - is there anyone of you that would be willing to take on digitizing some Bible verses to go into approximately a 5x5 size. My blocks are 6x6. They have to do with children. I have about 12 I am thinking of, but I don't know if the verses will fit in the size I need. The fonts on my machine will not work the way I want them to - to be able to do it myself. I would be glad to type them up and send them to you via email - if you are interested. Send me a PM with your email. Thanks for considering it.


by dino 27 Jan 2013

There is a whole set in Sewforum in the Free Embroidery Designs section. They are for the 4x4, but they might work for you.

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momhome by momhome 27 Jan 2013

I have most of those downloaded, and I will go check them out again, but I don't think they have the ones I am wanting. Thanks for answering with this idea.

by spendlove Moderator 27 Jan 2013

You could do your own using Embroidery Fonts Plus (Free download and easy to use.)

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momhome by momhome 27 Jan 2013

I haven't been to that site either. Thanks Sue, I will check them out also.

by noah 27 Jan 2013

I was going to say the same as jofrog u will find all u need there ok hugs

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momhome by momhome 27 Jan 2013

Thanks Carolyn.

by jofrog2000 27 Jan 2013

First, check out sewbird's wonderful site, full of bible verses. She also gives a link to sewforum, where you will find more from those members. Good luck.

momhome by momhome 27 Jan 2013

Thank you Jo. I haven't been to that site before. I will go check it out.

davudfasen by davudfasen 27 Jan 2013

Bible Verses

momhome by momhome 28 Jan 2013

Thank you for the link.