by kryztyna 24 Jan 2013

Hi all, Does anyone know of a free digitizing program that can be downloaded. Its for a young lad, just left school and he would like to start digitizing. He has been given an Elna embroidery machine. We all want to help him, Many thanks. Hugs Christine, Johannesburg


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by BabyAbyss edited 28 Jan 2013

the data7 isnt free but its really cheap and its a full and complete proper digitizing software £14.00 GBP . This is the price with 60% on sale now. they offer trial use on their softwares also

by awesome1 28 Jan 2013

The free program from Sophiesews also has a link for downloading tutorials--- there are maybe 7 or 8? of the videos. You can view the videos before installing the program to your computer.

by nahs220 27 Jan 2013

I looked at this, I guess I just don't understand it. It makes me nervous to try it, I don't want it to take over my 5D that I already have. Would love to hear more comments!

by muflotex 24 Jan 2013

just found this one but know nothing about it perhaps somebody else knows it good luck finding one he can work with

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sondray by sondray 26 Jan 2013

You can find info here:
Its a great program, I've used it. But its coming to an end sometime this year.

by sondray 24 Jan 2013 Sofie Sew Thredworks

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undecided by undecided 15 Mar 2013

sofie Sew seems very outdated, difficult to work with. they are promising a version 2.0 but when? i tried to email and could i think that it might be abandoned :( too bad looks like it had great potential.

thredworks looks even less intuitive to use....

i have been unable to download the stitch ERA software from Sierra, i am sure it is my anti-virus software impeding it, but have not seen enough about it to be comfortable shutting off anti-virus for it...anyone have any experience with it?

thank you!