by pldc 15 Jan 2013

I was off to make a zipped bag when I started to search through my fabric stash this called out to me sew the zipped bag will have to wait! This is reversable as always & its funny how different it looks without the 2 colours on the inside, 2 for 1 I like it!


by pldc 16 Jan 2013

thanks every cutie I appreciate the positive re-enforcment as it has been a tough week, a head cold that won't let go & it causes my head some serious pain. Just when I think it is getting better bam! I wake up or go to bed with more pain! Coming here makes me feel better all over thank you all. Hugs Loralye

by blueeyedblonde 16 Jan 2013

great job!

by jrob Moderator 16 Jan 2013

Beautifully done.;)

by pennyhal 16 Jan 2013

Love it!

by justsew 16 Jan 2013

What a great bag, I Love the fabric.Well done Loralye.
Hugs Pam.

by castelyn 16 Jan 2013

Loralye great job. They look great both sides. Hugs Yvonne

by robinbird 15 Jan 2013

What a lovely bag you've done& the solid looks like silk. It's certainly can be fun "shopping" in our stash to get those creative juices going. Thanks for sharing your project &have a blessed new year.:~D

by oaro 15 Jan 2013

beautiful done

by 02kar Moderator 15 Jan 2013

Love this bag!

by highlandermom 15 Jan 2013

Love the colors, different and your gold flower on the closure tab.

by capoodle 15 Jan 2013

Totally different looks with those fabrics. You have the fancy side and the casual side. Nicely made.

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pldc by pldc 15 Jan 2013

thanks Anita my thoughts exactly! Hugs Loralye

by noah 15 Jan 2013

wow there interesting bags for sure great job hugs:):)

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pldc by pldc 15 Jan 2013

this is only one bag it shows the outside of it & then the inside turned outside, neat right.Thanks for your patience Hugs Loralye