by bunnyhop 11 Jan 2013

these where made for my gd it took me a couple of weeks but i got their in the end. the designs are from Big Dreams Embroidery. doing the cottages tomorrow will post them when ready


by muflotex 12 Jan 2013

with this pretty garlands it will be a memorable birthday indeed

by noah 11 Jan 2013

Well u have done a very fine job !!Go Girly:):) hugs

by oaro 11 Jan 2013

very nice

by highlandermom 11 Jan 2013

Very cute love the little bows you did great job!

by greysewist Moderator 11 Jan 2013

You've done a great job of this!

by ramona 11 Jan 2013

Too cute!

by capoodle 11 Jan 2013

Beautifully made for her and cute as can be with the bows and butterflies.

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bunnyhop by bunnyhop 12 Jan 2013

i'm useless at doing bows i bought some hair clips with bows on and the butterflys at the ends are hair bobbles.

by bluedaisy 11 Jan 2013

You did a great job!

by pldc 11 Jan 2013

well worth the time & effort! & I am sure it will be used over & over for Edie