by bethelb 11 Jan 2013

Ok, I promise . This is the last you will see about this . But just could not resist showing what I came up with . (With your help of course ) i am off tomorrow and I will make a couple more , make a nice base for them to stand on and put them away with dreams of next Christmas when they will debut !!


by blueeyedblonde 16 Jan 2013

they look real!

by dilceia 15 Jan 2013

Very nice work.

by maryannehut 15 Jan 2013

Well, Im new here...had to say I love those trees! beautiful Job lady!

by bethelb 11 Jan 2013

I needed something I could bend . I had long wires sticking out of the leaves after sewing . I took chenile stems and kind of wound the wires around them Then I wound strips of thin batting around that. Then I used a strip of tan colored fabric and wound it around that . Glued the ends .I will glue these onto some sort of stand .I will also use a small piece of burlap at the top to look like the place where the leaves have fallen off. They are proped up against the tray in the photo .Thank you everyone for your input . Your comments are most kind .

by oaro 11 Jan 2013

looks great

by pennifold 11 Jan 2013

They look fantastic Beth, what did you use in the end? Are they sticks wrapped in brown crepe paper? Love and blessings Chris

by sewfrenzie 11 Jan 2013

Very nice! I might need some of thoses if we don't go to Donna TX for Chirstmas next year. We have been thinking of staying home next year so we can have the grandchildren over their Christmas Break from School and than going later.

by gerryb 11 Jan 2013

Great job! Thanks for showing us the finished product!

by shuede 11 Jan 2013

Nice work!

by capoodle 11 Jan 2013

Lovely job on them. Can't wait till this coming Christmas to see them with your Nativity.

by pldc 11 Jan 2013

wow what a super job that you have done on these! they look perfect & your nativity will be sew awesome! How did you get them to stand up?

by noah 11 Jan 2013

most excellent hugs

by kabaker57 11 Jan 2013

Great job. Very creative!!!

by bumblebee 11 Jan 2013

Look great

by rsehorse 11 Jan 2013

I think they look fantastic. Like I always say, where there's a will there is a way. Hugs,Susan

by jrob Moderator 11 Jan 2013

Wait! You didn't tell how you did the excellant trunks. ;)

by highlandermom 11 Jan 2013

Brillant and ready to bring joy to your next Christmas.

by muflotex 11 Jan 2013

100 points to enchant your navivity set

by jrob Moderator 11 Jan 2013

Wow....impressive! ;)

by michemb 11 Jan 2013

Very well done, lovely finished project

by means 11 Jan 2013

Have watched your progress with amazement.. These are awesome. Very good job