by bumblebee 10 Jan 2013

So Much creativity at cuties. I appreciate looking at your creations-make me smile. It is an extra bonus to actually get the design ITH. I just wanted to let you designers know I would love to make them but I can't really at this time but for sure I will in the future.

Hugs and thanks.
Linda aka Bumblebee


by michemb 11 Jan 2013

We are a fortunate bunch are we not?
How are you doing Linda, haven't seen you much lately?
Hope everything is O.K

by 02kar Moderator 10 Jan 2013

When you are able to make things, you will have learned a lot and looked at a lot of projects. In the meantime, enjoy the show.

by sewfrenzie 10 Jan 2013

I am loving the wonderful designs by our creative degitizers as well!
Thanks a Bunch!!