by bethelb 10 Jan 2013

FS palm leaves . I have searched all over looking for FSL palm leaves to add to my nativity . But all seem to be 1 demensional if I can find them att all . I wish to have 3d. ones. So, decided to make a go at digitzing my own. These are sewn to green fabric, because I havent got green tulle handy. But they are mine , so who cares. Anyway ,they have wires up centers so pose them on top of whatever I decide to use as trunks .But I need to make the leaf sections a little closer before I cut them out.Trying to find out how to redigitize. My pe wont let me. I just may not know how .


by jrob Moderator 11 Jan 2013

Putting the wire up the center was brilliant! ;)

by bethelb 10 Jan 2013

Thank you. You are all very encouraging . Of course I always check what my "cutes" think !

by bumblebee 10 Jan 2013

You did a great job- I'm reading this after I saw the other post. Now I see
what your up too.
Great project

by ramona 10 Jan 2013

You did a great job on these.

by noah 10 Jan 2013

There lovely hugs

by arwens 10 Jan 2013

Neat idea looks good :)

by highlandermom 10 Jan 2013

These look great!

by capoodle 10 Jan 2013

They look so tropical. Well done on the digitizing.

by justsew 10 Jan 2013

you did so well . they look fantastic...
Hugs pam.

by bejoscha 10 Jan 2013

Very nice project!

by 02kar Moderator 10 Jan 2013

You did a great job on this.

by pldc 10 Jan 2013

very creative!

by oaro 10 Jan 2013

nice job

by michemb 10 Jan 2013

nicely done,

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bethelb by bethelb 10 Jan 2013

Thanks .

by bethelb 10 Jan 2013

Well, sorry about double photos.Always wondered how anyone got more than one on there ! : )