by capoodle 09 Jan 2013

I was just looking at the new DreamWeaver XE quilting, sewing & embroidery machine on line. It has amazing features. Do any of our cuties own this machine that can let us know what you think about it?


by powellrh 09 Jan 2013

I purchased the DreamMaker XE2200 right before Thanksgiving. I have really enjoyed it's features. It is only for embroidery but has all the features shown for the DreamWeaver minus the sewing/quilting. The problem I've have with my Pfaff is that the thread breaks too often and I had it in the shop several times trying to improve it's performance. In the month and a half that I've had the DreamMaker, I've not had a single break in thread.

You can see all the features listed on the website but what I would stress most is how USER FRIENDLY it is. I am enjoying my time spent embroidering so much more now with this machine. Becky

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capoodle by capoodle 09 Jan 2013

Thanks --- User Friendly is a plus.

by moonwillow 09 Jan 2013

personally I am looking them also .. What I have learned with embroidery is that it is better to have an embroidery only machine..My combo machine is great but I have to break it down to sew etc..It is easier to have a machine separate for each.. I have a sewing machine for sewing and an embroidery machine for embroidery.. My quilting is also separate..if you need all three and do not have the room it would be great ..I love the brother machines..I also found that with the embroidery only you have less tension issues, due to not having to re-adjust when you switch back and forth..

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capoodle by capoodle 09 Jan 2013

Your right it is an aggravation to take the embroidery unit off to sew. Thanks.