by karikares 27 May 2008

So glad I found you all! I was wondering if anyone lived near by so we could get together to share ideas. Do you ever have togethers? Does anyone have a sewing circle..or am I behind times? Sigh..


by shirlener88 27 May 2008

kari, I recently saw a post from 4lghoward about getting together in Denver, CO for a pity party - meaning an embroidery get-together - pity anyone that can not attend. Hehehe! Maybe she will see this or you can email her. Wished I lived closer!

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karikares by karikares 28 May 2008

oh thanks! I will have to see if I can find her on here ... :) I will watch for her posting... Anyone else in Colorado?

by dlonnahawkins 27 May 2008

Well - you have a few out your way - don't know how far. I don't know of Cute members very close to me, but do get with a friend or two, but not as often as I would like. But a couple of us still work, then there is the evning chores that have to be done. -

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karikares by karikares 28 May 2008

Oh I understand. I do love your area of the states... :) I understand working... I did it for over 30 years and now I don't know how I had time to work!

by colmag 27 May 2008

Love to get togethers but live a bit far away, I have a few sewing friends at my place once a month, we sew talk and generally have a great day * 4u

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karikares by karikares 28 May 2008

oh yes a bit far for sure!! I was just checking for people near me.. thought it would be fun! Thanks:)