by tilde01 04 Jan 2013

Just wondering, does anyone know if Miss Veronika is going to post the rest of the funnycow alpha from R through Z? It ends at Q and I know that a lot of us would love to be able to vote on the rest of this very cute alphabet.


by tilde01 12 Jan 2013

I'd like to thank Miss Veronika for putting us the rest of the funny cow alpha R through Z for us to vote on. Thank you.

by i2amanana 08 Jan 2013


by tilde01 08 Jan 2013

Well it looks like the rest of this very cute alpha is not going to be posted for us to vote on. What a shame. This is my third alpha set from Miss Veronika that are not completed. Guess I'll just quit coming here as I don't like being bullied into purchasing designs to have complete alphas. It was fun while it lasted.

edithfarminer by edithfarminer 08 Jan 2013

I have looked through 40 pages and nowhere to be seen at this moment unfortunately

ansalu by ansalu 08 Jan 2013

Have gone through all pages and there were no letters behind the Q available for voting...

pennyhal by pennyhal 08 Jan 2013

I thought there was something wrong with my computer! Thanks for posting this as it was making me a little crazy looking everywhere. It's not that I need the letters, it is the fun of coming here and getting a letter and then looking around. It would be good to know if not completing alphabets is going to be policy from now on.

by marjialexa Moderator 04 Jan 2013

They are all up in Designs now, just not in the voting for freebies section. Since the free letter today is N, and it looks like the O will be the one for tomorrow if it continues to get votes, I'm sure Veronika will have them up by the time a couple of days pass. This is a new alphabet, and we've never missed going through a whole alphabet for the free voting. I'm sure with the processing of all the membership sales and the holidays, she's just a little behind, but I'm equally sure they'll be there when it is time to vote for them. Hugs, Marji

tilde01 by tilde01 05 Jan 2013

Yes we have missed some whole alphabets. The snake alpha is only 3 letters. The cute monkey alpha is missing the E & F. I do hope that we're not forced to purchase the rest of the alpha to get the rest of this very cute alpha.

ansalu by ansalu 08 Jan 2013

Last regular letter in the row was the Q. I was going through all 93pages and there were none of the letters after the Q :o(
Also hope it did not end like the snake-alpha...

by clawton 04 Jan 2013

I believe it is all up at this time unless I'm thinking of the wrong one.