by tinfriend 03 Jan 2013

Hi Cuties! Happy New Year to ALL!

Pse can any one help me in identifying these 2 items in these photo's? I received them for Christmas and was told they are 'sewing related' but no other details! Would love to have more info if any one can assist

I would appreciate it sincerely please!
Thanx in advance!


by celticlady1031 16 Feb 2013

I believe it's called a wool spindel.

by awesome1 16 Feb 2013

Does the top come off the 'yarn holder' to hold knit needles or crochet hooks? It appears to be removable.

by jaengirl 15 Feb 2013

looks to me like the no 1 pic could be a stand to hold balls of yarn for knitting ??. try looking a google images for 'wooden knitting ball stands' ,and you will see a variety of similar items

by jewelsmyers1234 15 Feb 2013

Hem Markers!

by sllakin 18 Jan 2013

See this one - flat on the bottom:
Obviously this was handmade for someone who wanted it to sit or stand on a table to assist them with the darning and was made taller to reach better into a long area.

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tinfriend by tinfriend 18 Jan 2013

I looked and it’s NOT flat on the bottom but rounded – look at the pictures posted to the RH side and you will see different angles of same item! The light in main pic distorts the bottom view of the item!

I STILL think mine is a YARN HOLDER as it stands flat on a surface!

Thanx again! *4U

by sllakin 18 Jan 2013

It is a sock darner tool. Here is link for photo:
I went to and found this and more pictures too.

bethelb by bethelb 18 Jan 2013

very good sllakin !

tinfriend by tinfriend 18 Jan 2013

Thank you so much but I don’t think it can be a sock darner tool as shown in yr pictures because if you have a look at the one picture of the item lying on its side you will see it has a rounded bottom – mine is completely flat!

by tinfriend 18 Jan 2013

Hi again Cuties!

I think you all will agree that we have identified the Second item as a “HEM MARKER”! Thank you so much!

Now the first item is still debatable BUT I was very happy to read the post "barba" made! I think it could be a Yarn Holder! So until I can find any other info relating to my item, that is what I will assume it to be!

So once again thanks to everyone that assisted me! I do appreciate your help!
Flowers for all!

by grafiau 15 Jan 2013

I am not sure of the size of the round one from the picture, but it looks like my nanas darning mushroom, she used to darn shocks and sleeves on jumpers etc by puttingit in the area to be darned and literally weaving wool over the mushroom and connecting it into the garment. The second item is for marking skirt or dress hems, nana's had a space for holding tailors chalk on the arm, cheers Ruth

by barba 15 Jan 2013

Looks alot like an antique yarn holder. My great aunt was an avid knitter and crocheter and she used one similar to this. Have no idea where it is today. : (
Hugs, Barba

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barba by barba 16 Jan 2013

The link in to a site that sells yarn holders that look similar to yours. You slide your skein of yarn down over it and it keeps your yarn fram tangling.

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by drro edited 15 Jan 2013

Wow! #2: I have not seen a hemmer since I was in Home Economics middle school! It is so handy! This was a great gift for getting the hem to be the same distance from the floor, all around, regardless of a person's curves, hips and overall shape:>) Sorry but I do not know what the first one is. The indented area at the top looks like it should be for attaching a tread or line of wool. Maybe it is part of a spinning wheel or a weaving instrument, or rug making tool?

by blueeyedblonde 15 Jan 2013

#2 is the hemmer as most have mentioned. #1 I'm guessing it might be for holding a ball of yarn as you knit.

by haleymax 15 Jan 2013

Could #1 be for shaping butter after it has been churned? Is the underside of the bottom completely flat or curved? My Grandmother had something like this that she used to shape the butter after churning. She had the smoothest shaped butter on her butter plates.

by eggyannie 15 Jan 2013

i have no idea what the first item is but i sure would not like to sit on it. I do agree with others about the curtain or dress hem marker
Get well soon and take things easy as getting over things like that take time. Do things a little at a time and then rest up to give the body a chance to repair itself.

by maobfh 14 Jan 2013

The first could be a darner for socks. The second one is to help set the hem on a dress so you don't set it crooked at one end from the other. Sometimes measuring the fabric end doesn't allow for ones large derrier or belly or anything else that might offset the hem.

by imokru2 14 Jan 2013

Hello, I think the first one is for a spinning wheel.

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drro by drro 15 Jan 2013

I thought the same thing...looks familiar, but do not know what part:>)

by bashields 14 Jan 2013

i have a hemmer, it for when dresses was floor lenght . my mother-in-law was a seamstress at a curtain factory work till she was 82 1/2 yr. whem she passes away at 93yr. i was the only one who sewed she had only boys. soooo or sewwww... i got to have it.

by momhome 13 Jan 2013

I wonder - would a large spool of embroidery thread fit over #1 so that you could use it? Hope you get to feeling better soon. I can understand why you feel so drained. Hope the Drs will figure something out to keep you from having another one. Let us know how you are doing as you are able.

by seamripper40 13 Jan 2013

The one with the ruler is for pinning up hems while person is wearing it.

by bibi 13 Jan 2013

The first item looks like a hatstand to display hats on.Go look in hat related sites.

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mops by mops 13 Jan 2013

Stands to display hats usually have a wider top to avoid dents in the top oh the hat. Mine are about 4 inches wide.

by jasanne 13 Jan 2013

I still have and use a hem marker exactly the same as in the second picture :)
Sorry but the first one has me stumped too..

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kanns by kanns 15 Feb 2013

I have one of those hemmers the same as that, I have one that has a square base with a pin cushion right in it also. Then another one I have has a small hose with a bulb on the end of it and an small canister for powdered chalk to blow onto the spot you want to mark the hem!

by tinfriend 13 Jan 2013

Good Morning Cuties!

First of all my sincere apologies for only responding to all your comments / replies now but I have been having health issues again! Briefly….just before Christmas I had a TRIPLE seizure – never had one of those before - this has left me totally drained! I STILL feel as if I have been hit by a train! I also still get migraines therefore I am not all that active on the Internet! Please forgive me!

In the interim a friend who is the owner of our local Bernina shop said that she THINKS that the first item MAY BE a BOBBIN / THREAD HOLDER. My item : Its Solid, Height 8” and the flat bottom is 5” dia. It is definitely sewing related and not Kitchenalia.

I did try and Google this and did not find my item but did find something ‘similar’ and have posted some pics below! It may be this, I don’t know! My ‘HOLDER” is NOT hollow at the top so cannot hold a pair of scissors as the first pic shows.

If I do find out anything else I will keep you informed!

Thanx once again! Flowers to all that did respond – I appreciate you taking time to do so and assist me!

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toet by toet 16 Feb 2013

I hope you are up on your feet soon. Heather

by toet 08 Jan 2013

Today when i was in a fabric shop I saw a sock and elbow darner,your pic-1 it was in two parts. cheers Heather

by debbie3 03 Jan 2013

The second picture with the numbers looks like something years ago they use to put on the floor and measure hems. Maybe dresses or skirts but not sure. I have something like this but it is not wood. Wish I could be more help.

by killiecrankie 03 Jan 2013

I have 2 mushroom shaped sock darners & another one which is flat & about 1 1/2" squ on the bottom ,which could be used to darn a hole in a trousers or a flat part of a garment.These items were probably used before the 1950's because people would rarely darn their clothes today,especially socks.

by capoodle 03 Jan 2013

The top picture is of a Wooden Sock Darner. My little grandmother had one in her basket but the top was covered in leather and of course the bottom picture is the dress hemmer.

by susiesembroidery 03 Jan 2013

I have no idea what the first one is used for. The second one is definately a hem marker. Hope somebody knows what No 1 is since I am now also curious about that one.

by mops Moderator 03 Jan 2013

I agree with the hem-help (or what ever it's called) for #2 and haven't a clue what #1 could be.

by elizabethruth 03 Jan 2013

I like the potato masher. I have one that my grandfather made. It looks a lot like the one below. But #1 would also do a good job. If the underside of #1 flat?

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by jofrog2000 edited 03 Jan 2013

Then again, could they be wrong in thinking that #1 is a sewing implement, and perhaps it's a potato masher? I have (also from grandmother) a wooden one that is not as wide as that on the bottom, or flat, but...

This isn't mine, but is just the

by pennyhal 03 Jan 2013

The first one reminds me of a form used to stretch things over like in hat making. But, truth be told, I really have no clue. The darners I used to darn socks were all hand held and more foot shaped.

by boogie1818 03 Jan 2013

Hi, I have no idea what #1 is, but #2 is a measuring tool that my mother used to use often on out hems. You sit it on a table/floor and measure the hem. We were small and could stand on the table wearing the dress/skirt and she would have us turn around while she pinned the hem. I haven't seen one in years, but she loved it. Hope this helps.

by gerryvb 03 Jan 2013

* I think nr 1 is an item to use when there's a hole in a sock. You can put this in the sock and place the hole on the the flat circle, so it will be easier to repair the hole.
* and nr 2, looks like an old messuring help to messure the length of a dress or skirt, but also to messure the curtain: to make the undersite at all places the same.

I suppose that's what they are.

by katydid 03 Jan 2013

My Mom had the #2 in the 1950's. You stood next to it and let the skirt or dress fall between the metal. Then close the metal and insert a straight through the notch at the top. I remember some of my skirts had 4 yards gathered at the waist. and we wore all those petticoats to make them stand out. I had to stand for a long time while my Mom sat in the floor and used the device. It brings back memories. Kay

mops by mops 03 Jan 2013

And bending over to have a look was a no-no as that would upset the process.

rsehorse by rsehorse 03 Jan 2013

Yes, how many times did we hear oir mother's say, "Will you stand still".

by Lupaccia 03 Jan 2013

maybe the first is used to spin wool? Is very similar to it, especially for cutting at the top

by dragonflyer 03 Jan 2013

The first one looks like something used for darning socks or sweaters...the second is a hem marker...

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by jofrog2000 edited 03 Jan 2013

Yea, my sock darners from my grandmother have the handle, but are egg shaped at the end. Wonder if anyone younger than, say, 40, actually knows how to.LOL

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bashields by bashields 14 Jan 2013

it is a sock darner I have a wood not paint

by laffma1 03 Jan 2013

How long/tall is it - can't tell the size from the photo. Kind of looks like a vintage Darning Mushroom. My grandmother used one, but hers did not stand up as yours does. It was rounded on the wide end as well, for the larger items to be mended. Please let us know if your are able to properly identify it.

by berny 03 Jan 2013

Item no1, size not given, will the handle unscrew and go in the flat end
about 6/7ins looks like sock darning aid usually mushroom shape.

by edithfarminer 03 Jan 2013

My mum had a darning mushroom tinfriend, but that was rounded to put the sock around, this one looks flat on the bottom, so doubt that it is for darning. Hope someone will know

by ssampsel 03 Jan 2013

hope you find out what the first one is, i'd love to know! ttt

by KCowden 03 Jan 2013

Could the first be a sock darner??

by sboo 03 Jan 2013

I did a search for Antique thread spools and found one that looks somewhat like picture number 1.

by maleah 03 Jan 2013

The second one is for marking of hems. I still have my grandma's. Very useul for full skirts.

noah by noah 03 Jan 2013

yes i to had that one but its long gone lol

ssampsel by ssampsel 03 Jan 2013

ii have one too. i got mine at an estate sale long ago.

by jrob Moderator 03 Jan 2013

The first one is used to thump the fingers of those who would take your sewing ONLY scissors. ;)

karenjay by karenjay 03 Jan 2013

What a great idea - we ALL need one of these!!

keeponsewing by keeponsewing 14 Jan 2013


blueeyedblonde by blueeyedblonde 15 Jan 2013


by elizabethruth 03 Jan 2013

Well, you know about the second one. Jury still out about the first one. I'd be interested to know what it is for sure. I thought darning things were smaller and sorta egg shaped.

by dollygk 03 Jan 2013

I do think the first is for darning, socks, gloves, what ever would fit over I guess, nice wood!!

by bonnetgirl 03 Jan 2013

I just went to a thrift store and purchased the hemmer (second photo) but have no idea what the first one is unless it is a tamper.
Several of my younger friends didn't know what the hemmer was and I showed them how to use....I still think they are the best thing to use to make a nice even hem.
Hugs Joann

by rmj8939 03 Jan 2013

The one on right is used to mark the hem line with pins. No idea about the other one.

by jowat 03 Jan 2013

It looks as though you use it to press something but no idea what. I think I would end up using it as a tamper for round flower pots!

Is it curved on the inside of the cup shape or flat?


by justsew 03 Jan 2013

My Mum used to have a darning mushroom, so may be christracey is on the right lines.
Hugs Pam.

by christracey 03 Jan 2013

Is the top one used for darning maybe?

by aussiequilter 03 Jan 2013

the second one is for levelling a hem on a dress or skirt , sorry I can not help with the first one