by killiecrankie 01 Jan 2013

T shirt I made from scatch for the 8yr old spider lover for Xmas .The design is from Embroidery library.I decided to put a smaller version of the front spider onto the back by itself, half way through embroidering the spider I noticed the embroidery foot sitting next to the machine,the normal foot was embroidering the spider, Seeing that it was half way through the design & it looked ok ,I let it finish the spider,


by oaro 02 Jan 2013

love the design

by pennyhal 02 Jan 2013

It is kind of you to do the spider...not my favorite insect.

by susiesembroidery 02 Jan 2013

I am terrified of spiders but your looks great. (will be having a few nighmares tonight LOL!!)

by 1961nancy 02 Jan 2013

Your tee shirt looks amazing and I lkie the spider as well.

by njola 02 Jan 2013

Thanks for showing, looks good. Happy new year :)

by pldc 02 Jan 2013

good job & good thing no damage was done with the normal foot being used! I wouldn't want to try that again Whew!

by toogie 02 Jan 2013

This stitched out excellent and the black trim you added, was just the right pop-Toogie

by diamondfowler 02 Jan 2013

When my boys were real young i made their shirts also, mine probly didn't look that good and it was before embroidery machine

by capoodle 02 Jan 2013

The spider lover will love this. I've been tempted to put an insect on the shoulder just to see what someone would do. lol

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pennyhal by pennyhal 02 Jan 2013

I was tempted to put a cockroach on the bottom edge of an apron just for fun, but my friend talked me out of it.

by castelyn 02 Jan 2013

Looks great, well done. - Hugs Yvonne

by venetia 02 Jan 2013

Great work on the T-Shirt, not a wrinkle in sight. He is going to love this one.

by highlandermom 01 Jan 2013

Great looking shirt and glad the spider did well with other foot.

by pinon 01 Jan 2013

It's great shirt and my 4yo grandson loves it (he loves spiders, he associates them with Spiderman). It's amazing the regular foot embroidered out that wonderful spider!

by noah 01 Jan 2013

Awesome even if i hate spiders lol hugs carolyn

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killiecrankie by killiecrankie 01 Jan 2013

These are the best type of spiders to have.Just found one up on the cornice above the door,so he'll be going up the vacuum cleaner