by stork 31 Dec 2012

Please say a prayer for us...husband was laid off today. This will be our 9th year of stuff going haywire in our life. I am thankful for what we have but at the same time I just want to shed a few tears of frustration.


by drro 06 Jan 2013

Praying for you right now! May the Lord take care of you and keep you in His safe arms!

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stork by stork 07 Jan 2013

Thank you!

by airyfairy 06 Jan 2013

You are in my thoughts. Having gone through this a while ago with my daughter who is a single parent - it is so very hard. May your husband find another job soon. Sarah.

by kryztyna 05 Jan 2013

Prayers for you and your Hubby. I pray that this year will be blessed and you will be on an even keel under His hand. Let go and let God. Hugs Christine, Johannesburg

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stork by stork 06 Jan 2013

Thank you!

by stork 05 Jan 2013

Thank you for all your prayers! I have faith that this will be the last of our crappy years and God will turn things around.

by gerryvb 05 Jan 2013

prayers for you, hope there will come better days soon!

by rsloan 05 Jan 2013

How upsetting! I hope things take a turn for the better REALLY soon.

by manami 05 Jan 2013

It's difficult to not shed tears of frustration when things like this happens.
You and your husband are in my thoughts and prayers. A big hug, Yoriko

by pldc 04 Jan 2013

I will pray for you & yours too & remember if God takes you to it he will take you through it.

by jrob Moderator 04 Jan 2013

I am including you in my prayers. Go ahead and shed those tears. After you get that out of the way you will come up with something. I say tears just grease the runway for good ideas. I know you must be facing a scary near future, but remember at least you are facing it together.

by marjialexa Moderator 04 Jan 2013

Oh, dear, I can sure relate to something new going wrong every year, and this is a doozy, especially on New Year's Day. Perhaps if the year starts out this bad, it can only get better? I hope the economy takes an upturn and your dear man finds a great job soon, one even better than he had before. Hang in there, the Cuties are with you!! Hugs, Marji

by crafter2243 Moderator 02 Jan 2013

Tonya I am so sorry that your New Year is starting this way. I hope that this time your husband will find a job very soon. I will pray for that.

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stork by stork 02 Jan 2013

Thank you

by irie2510 02 Jan 2013

Prayers for you that things will be better.

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stork by stork 02 Jan 2013

We are praying for that too. I know there are others worse off but it still hurts and prayers do help!

by sdrise 02 Jan 2013

A lot of us are in the same boat trying to row. IT is difficult to find another job. Hopefully this year will be better. Prayers to you! Suzanne

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stork by stork 02 Jan 2013

I guess it wouldn't be so bad for us if I had a job but we have been one income for a long time

by lidiad 02 Jan 2013

Love and prayers to you and your husband. Wishing you a better and happier New Year.
Hugs, Lidia

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stork by stork 02 Jan 2013

Thank you and Happy New Year to you!

by juanitadenney 01 Jan 2013

Sorry to hear this and hopefully he will find something soon. You know all us Cuties are praying for him to get work soon.

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stork by stork 01 Jan 2013

Thank you! We went through this about 3 years ago and really haven't recovered since.

by 02kar Moderator 31 Dec 2012

I can understand about the shedding of tears. Prayers for a quick end to unemployment for your husband.

noah by noah 31 Dec 2012

I agree 100% hugs for u to carolyn

stork by stork 01 Jan 2013

Thank you both!!!

by blueeyedblonde 31 Dec 2012

Sorry to hear that - I know what it's like, but you will be OK. things have a way of working out.

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stork by stork 01 Jan 2013

THose are my prayers!

by anangel 31 Dec 2012

Life at best can overwhelm us, and times like this certainly pull us down with worry. Just remember everyone has tough times, and somehow, with the grace of God, things eventually fall into place, putting things on an even keel again, allowing us to resume some normalcy to our lives. It is often true, when one door shuts, another opens to more wonderful opportunities than before. Praying for strength, perseverance, and a positive spirit for both of you through this difficult time.
Hugs, Angel

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stork by stork 01 Jan 2013

Yes, you are right....thank you!

by grandmamek 31 Dec 2012

I pray that your husband will find a new position soon and that the economy will improve considerably for all. I know how hard this can be. Hopefully things will change soon. Hugs, Mary

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stork by stork 01 Jan 2013

Thank you!

by elizabethak 31 Dec 2012

It's ok to be down when things like this happens but remember we are all here for you. Will prya that your hubby finds something better. Love

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stork by stork 31 Dec 2012

THank you!!! Happy New Year!