by momhome 30 Dec 2012

Does anyone know if all the letters for the Holly alpha at Windwoman been put out there to download? I am still missing C, H, and O. Also are they always on the home page or in the members area? Maybe, I'm just not looking in the right places. Thanks for your help.


by fontmomma 31 Dec 2012

It's stated you can buy the set for a low price at the Embroidery Collectibles site for a VERY low price. I did. Why hunt for it? Somewhere on the site it tells you where to or click of the site at the right.

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momhome by momhome 01 Jan 2013

Yes, I saw where you can buy it and it is on sale right now for under $3.00 if I remember correctly. I just wanted to check to make sure they were all out there, before I bought it. If they weren't all there I would wait and look for awhile longer.

by dragonflyer 31 Dec 2012

They were all there...I did get the complete set...but you really have to go through the older post pages...and some were in the members area so you have to log in and try all of the dropdowns in the members area...

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momhome by momhome 01 Jan 2013

Thank you. I will look some more.