by claudenicolas 29 Dec 2012

Vornames written in japonese caracters

I have neighbours who have 2 children, their mother is japanese.I have wanted to offer to them T-shirts with their vornames -Kyosei and Saya- in japonese caracters.
I have asked to Yoriko, to translate the vornames, and she has numerised them.
For the boy, I have embroidered the design goldfish, with mylar, and for the girl, the design cherry blossom, from the site of Yoriko.
Their mother has been very surprised


by jrob Moderator 06 Jan 2013

You have done beautiful work, Claude and that was so thoughtful of you. Bless Yoriko for coming to the rescue to another Cutie. ;)

by blueeyedblonde 31 Dec 2012

What a wonderful suprise for them! You did a great job and they'll love them!

by buffy1 30 Dec 2012

great job

by gerryvb 30 Dec 2012

that's great! and how nice Yoriko could help you with these!

by muflotex 30 Dec 2012

lovely idea do did an excellent job with the help of your friend

by deidrefay 30 Dec 2012

These are beautiful and a very thoughtful gift.

by spendlove Moderator 30 Dec 2012

These are really lovely, Claude.

by oaro 29 Dec 2012

very nice gift

by rsloan 29 Dec 2012

Wow - very original and I am sure it meant so much to the family.

by cj2sew 29 Dec 2012

What a very creative person you are. The shirts look sew professional. I can see why the mother loved them.

by noah 29 Dec 2012

That is Awesome and yes Yoriko is so good to help out .She taught me lots about this site and hers when i was new to embroidery 4 years ago hugs carolyn

by pldc 29 Dec 2012

a treasure for sure! well done

by vero28 29 Dec 2012

What beautiful gifts.

by highlandermom 29 Dec 2012

Lovely work

by capoodle 29 Dec 2012

They are so nicely made for them. I glad the mother liked yours and Yoriko's work.

by zoefzoef 29 Dec 2012

Lovely work !

by manami 29 Dec 2012

You have done a wonderful job! I'm so glad to know that their mother liked them! Thank you for posting. Hugs, Yoriko

by asterixsew Moderator 29 Dec 2012

Beautiful work, thanks so much for showing us

by teun 29 Dec 2012

Sieht sehr gut aus