by jasanne 27 May 2008

This is a Fantail, or Piwakawaka - a lovely native NZ bird. They are very sweet and will follow you and talk to you as you walk through the bush. There are quite a few living in a patch of bush near where we live.


by stickmuster 28 May 2008

Very very nice, ****4U

by clawton 27 May 2008

Really nice. We all should have placed the name of where they came from.

by dlonnahawkins 27 May 2008

This is nice, and would love to have a few little chatty birds near here! - Lovely

by kttyhwk4 27 May 2008

Really nice

by gerryvb 27 May 2008

beautiful embroidery

by elaine45 27 May 2008

Beautiful bird

by shirlener88 27 May 2008

Lovely! Thank you for sharing it. *4U

by pafhen 27 May 2008

Love the design and thanks for sharing the story

by mops Moderator 27 May 2008

Lovely design. I'm getting curiouser and curiouser (like Alice) how those quilts will turn out.

by lbrow 27 May 2008

Oh I want 1, bird that is, I love birds He looks gr8 & I would love to see a real live one *4U

by simplyrosie 27 May 2008

What an interesting creature...most birds don't follow you. I love the design and how it stiched out... very pretty Jasanne!

by meganne 27 May 2008

Very Pretty, birdy looks similar to our Willy Wagtail (AUS.) hugs n roses, M

by libster2896 27 May 2008

Absolutely beautiful Jasanne. I was just having a quick peek on cute before heading off to bed, what a lovely image to end my rather hectic day at work and with the kids. Thank you and a flower. I look forward to receiving this one.

by jrob Moderator 27 May 2008

Beautiful Jasanne!;)

by tolgamum 27 May 2008

Beautifully done Jasanne. Your bird and his nature sound similar to the little willie-wagtails that dance and skip along and make general little busybodies of themselves here in the Australian bush.. they look a little similar too with the exception of colour as wagtails are black with a touch of white. *for your lovely work.

by mpo14011 27 May 2008

Very nice.They sound like adorable birds.You deserve a flower