by marjialexa Moderator 23 Dec 2012

Just a funny poem I wrote, for all you cat lovers out there who have ever tried to decorate for Christmas. I hope you enjoy it, and that you all have very happy holidays with your families and friends!!!

The Crazy Cat Lady Tries for a Very Martha Stewart Christmas
By Marji Alexa Weber

‘Twas the night before Christmas
And all thru the house
The kitties were sleeping
And dreaming of mouse,

Or turkey and gravy
Or stuff from a can;
Mike dreams of cow barns,
Warm milk in a pan.

The tree’s all a-sparkle,
And so is the floor,
Sweet Lucy-furr’s napping
And waiting for more!

There’s balls under tables
Under chairs and the bed;
Thank God for plastic,
Or Lucy’d be dead.

She snorfels the trunk
And sharpens her claws,
I hang balls, she bats them
With nary a pause.

At least it’s still upright,
My poor little tree,
De-balled and de-tinseled
By Lucy for me!

There’s been a small train wreck—
Inky played with the switch;
The caboose has gone missing,
The engine’s in a ditch.

The artistic gift-wrapping
That took me so long—
With hand-made paper, perfect bows,
All done to Christmas songs—

Is just a bit messy
With fang marks and spit,
Ribbons are dangling,
And the tags? Well, oh, shoot!

And the dried-flower nosegays
All golden and glitter,
Fuzz-butts thought it was color-
Coordinate litter!

Spot’s asleep in the manger
‘Cause I used real hay;
Martha Stewart, you’re CATLESS,
We can’t do it this way!!!


by lerman 27 Dec 2012

hugs from one catlover to another / Peggy

by sukira 27 Dec 2012

Great poem. Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year. Hugs, Rachel

by katydid 27 Dec 2012

I think Martha has cats ,too. I love your poem. My KiKi does not play with cat toys or bother things in the house. She was well trained by her first owner. She lived in the wild and in the bushes for a year before I finally got her inside. She has come a long way in 4 yrs., but still has to go outside each day to be happy. Kay

by yvonne123 27 Dec 2012

Love it.

by momhome 26 Dec 2012

Love the poem. You should publish it. I can just picture it. Our cats were shut up away from the tree and presents. Hope you had a very Merry Christmas with your family and extended family of cats.

by jacquipaul 26 Dec 2012

Thanks for sharing your kitty world. My kitty and her cousin kitty are visiting at our house but the cousin is in another room, as they are 'getting on each other's nerves'.

by marjialexa Moderator 26 Dec 2012

I'm bringing this back up so all my "cat lover" friends don't miss it, I know how busy everyone can be over Christmas holidays. I hope you all had good times, shared with family and friends. Hugs, Marji

by killiecrankie 24 Dec 2012

Our 2ft tall tree hasn't made it out of its box this year.No way would I trust Gandalf with all those small balls, he would have the time of his life getting all the decorations down to play with during the night & when he'd finished jaws (our dog Cherrie) would chew them up probably needing a trip to the vet.Gandalf recently got up onto the kitchen ,pulled out a raw pork chop bone which was in a bag of rubbish & gave it to Cherrie who decided it would be a good idea to eat it on the loungeroom carpet.
The rule is not to leave any food unattended on the kitchen benches but husband forgets this.

by queenofhearts 24 Dec 2012

My Tigger is the best behaved cat on the planet. He walks under the tree to get to the window but pays no attention to the ornaments or the gifts that are under the tree. But my son had a cat that would race across the room and jump into the tree and send everything flying. They finally had to put the tree in a corner and anchor it to the wall.

by noah 24 Dec 2012

lol great poem Merry Christmas!!

by zoefzoef 24 Dec 2012

thanks for the lovely poem! and great Christmas tree you are having ! SMILE

by crafter2243 Moderator 24 Dec 2012

Marji that is a cute and funny poem. Wishing you and your 4 legged friends a wonderful Christmas.

by asterixsew Moderator 24 Dec 2012

This is beautiful and great for cat lovers throughout the world. Happy Christmas to you and your cats. Tuppance my cat is now doing her bit for Christmas and attacking the tree

by sdrise 24 Dec 2012

Have a wonderful Christmas and thank you for the laughs! Suzanne

by gerryvb 24 Dec 2012

oh yes, animals and Christmas:

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gerryvb by gerryvb 24 Dec 2012

have a merry Christmas !!

by pennifold 24 Dec 2012

That is hilarious! I hope you still have a wonderful day tomorrow with all your furry friends. Love Chris

by bikermomfl 24 Dec 2012

absolutely adorable. How clever you are. Being mom to 5 kitties I've learned long ago what you are and are not allowed to have. Lots of hairballs for presents but for me no tree......;-)

by dollygk 24 Dec 2012

Really cute!!! I had to put this plus photo on my nieces facebook page!! Happy Holidays

by spendlove Moderator 24 Dec 2012

Lovely poem! Our dog isn't interested in the tree, but she loves parcels!

by capoodle 24 Dec 2012

lol. You are so creative. Knew someone that sprayed cayenne pepper on their tree to keep the cats away. The year before they had destroyed it. Have A Very Merry Christmas!!!

by 02kar Moderator 23 Dec 2012

This is so funny! Loved it. Brings back memories when our cat was alive. The tree was decorated down to where he could reach and did not have tinsel. Thank goodness he didn't climb it.