by danababes 20 Dec 2012

Not sure where to put this question so I'll put it here, since it's an emb blank I'm after :

Have any Australians ever ordered from The Dollar Tree in the USA? Are they willing to post to us? I can't tell from their site :s xXx


by capoodle 22 Dec 2012

My mouse got away from me. I put one of our cuties monogram on a few of the Dollar Tree bags. It is of a canvas with a rubber backing and it stitched up nicely. Did a design that was less dense because of the backing. This is on the outside pocket and the bag has handles. Put a piece of stabilizer on top and ironed it and it is now gift wrapped so can't get you a better picture.

by capoodle 22 Dec 2012

My new daughter in law ordered large amounts of items for her wedding with good results. Are you referring to bags that you can embroider on? I buy at the local Dollar Tree store and some of the items are OK and some are just ok. You get what you pay for in quality.

by danababes 21 Dec 2012

Thanks everyone, I want to place an order in the new year so I'll see how I go, and if they won't deliver to me directly, then sure, I'll take one of you up on your offer, thanks so much! <3 xXx

by olds 21 Dec 2012

Hi, I'm from the USA. I don't know that you can order from Dollar Tree.
It is a store where everything is $1.00 each. You might want to touch
and feel for quality purposes. I have never seen any blanks in our local
stores. This is just my opinion. Have a Merry Christmas. olds/Maureen

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dragonflyer by dragonflyer 21 Dec 2012

I agree, I would want to touch and feel what I would buy from the Dollar Tree...could be good, could be not what you are expecting...I probably wouldn't order anything on line...just me...

by caroldann 21 Dec 2012

I have sent several packages to Australia. So, between Christine and I, we can help if needed. Hugs...Carol

by cfidl 21 Dec 2012

If you need help I can help.. I was succesful sending a pacage to UK. Now I can go the other direction! Consider me your last resort.