by thecraftycritter 16 Dec 2012

I must apologize to my SS as I was away over the weekend when the gifts arrived so I was unable to respond on my actual birthday.Such wonderful gifts they are, she must be living around the corner to know me so well. Photo #1 are gardening gloves, seeds, and a marvelous waterproof matt used for transplanting. How does she know that I have a dozen hanging baskets living in the basement which will go in the garden come spring. Photo #2 a beautifully made tote with loads of pockets inside. There are butterflies embroidered in the beige squares but they didn't show up in the photograph. Photo #3 shows the lovely card, a lovely piece of floral fabric and a FSL bird. Thank you so much SS you really outdid yourself on these great gifts.


by aussiequilter 18 Dec 2012

lovely gifts ,,, well done SS

by zoefzoef 18 Dec 2012

Lovely gifts ! Great job SS !

by lilylady 17 Dec 2012

very nice Birthday Gift!

by jrob Moderator 17 Dec 2012

What great gifts! Can't wait to see the perennials when they bloom. ;)

by 02kar Moderator 17 Dec 2012

Beautiful! I know you will enjoy these items for a very long time to come. Be sure to show pictures of your flowers now.

by dooniebabe 17 Dec 2012

Lovely items. The butterflies look great on the bag.

by spendlove Moderator 17 Dec 2012

Great gifts - I love the bag! Well done SS.