by bethelb 13 Dec 2012

I have always loved Donna Reed . She was so elegant even in the most trying times . Oh sure , I know she was a fantasy. But I long for those innocent days sometimes.

A wonderful cutie , who wishes to remain unknown at this time and I will honor her wishes , digitized this wonderful picture of Donna. (Thank you cutie!).This apron is my tribute to her this time of year when we are all so busy . The "flakes" are from Pami255 on albrands blog site . They are perfect touch and work up oober fast. I only wish i could have found that famous telephone to embroider !


by jrob Moderator 06 May 2013

How special! Be sure to wear your pearls when you cook or clean. ;)

by arlene 06 May 2013

just adoreable. i always loved watching her show.

by sewilso 06 May 2013

It turned out perfect!!!! Excellent!!!

by oaro 05 May 2013

nice work

by chefin 05 May 2013

very nice!!!
hugs micheline

by stidiford58 05 May 2013


by stidiford58 05 May 2013


by momhome 16 Jan 2013

I have a family member whose name is Donna Reed. I personally think she is a lot like the TV Donna Reed. I would love this design of her and the words if you and your digitizer are ever willing to share or sell. Thank you for sharing with us.

by castelyn 16 Jan 2013

Well done to you both. Hugs Yvonne

by noah 15 Jan 2013

Great job she would be impressed hugs

by maryannehut 15 Jan 2013

Oh My Gosh! LOVE IT!!! you really nailed her face! lovely apron!

by oigelcox 14 Dec 2012

Great tribute. We used to watch The Donna Reed Show here in Australia and she was a great favourite of my family. Hugs Joyce

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stidiford58 by stidiford58 05 May 2013

I remember growing up & watching this show! Truly wholesome!

by loosie 14 Dec 2012

great apron :)

by capoodle 13 Dec 2012

It's lovely in the thread color you choose. The snowflakes adds a nice holiday touch.

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bethelb by bethelb 14 Dec 2012

Wonderful job digitizing wasnt it ? Glad you like .

by highlandermom 13 Dec 2012

LoveIy apron, I don't remember her show but may have seen it. I will have to google the brain I guess.

by bethelb 13 Dec 2012

I wish everyone got to meet Donna Reed . I am sorry for those who never got to see her . Maybe if you google her . I got some of her DVDs of past episodes of her show.

by blueeyedblonde 13 Dec 2012

nice job!

by bumblebee 13 Dec 2012

Nice job

by pldc 13 Dec 2012

I think that you did a lovely job even if I don't know who she is

by rsehorse 13 Dec 2012

I too loved the Donna Reed Show. Just recently I found some of her reruns on TV and have been watching them. Ah, the good old days. Hugs, Susan

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bethelb by bethelb 13 Dec 2012

My Sister who lives in Missouri also gets the reruns of her show ! I am jealous !

by pennyhal 13 Dec 2012

A nice way to decorate an apron. Well done!

by noah 13 Dec 2012

excellent job for both of you hugs carolyn

by oaro 13 Dec 2012


by teun 13 Dec 2012

sieht sehr gut aus,aber wer ist Donna