by mysew1325 11 Dec 2012

Well I woke up to a 1000.00 in charges on my credit card.. non of which were mine... thanks to BofA and the protection plan on my account.. all charges were canceled, so every one be aware of charges... BofA says , many people are having this issue..


by gerryb 11 Dec 2012

I live in E.TN & lots of break ins here. AND people getting beat up! What is our world coming to? What burns me up is these people will use that card quickly, then stop as they know you will cancel it...and then they get all their stuff free & go steal another one.

by awesome1 11 Dec 2012

They hit me 3 days before T'sgiving, but it was my bank debit card. My charges were made from France & I'm in USA, TN. I was notified within hours and canceled the card. Inconvenient--had to write checks while new card being mailed. Break-ins and burglaries and shop lifting are booming afraid to leave my house!

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bevintex by bevintex 11 Dec 2012

I also have a new debit card thanks to someone who though they could use mine to buy textbooks. I say get a job and make your own money then go buy whatever you want.

by sqdancer 11 Dec 2012

There are some very nasty people out there, glad you were protected and didn't lose out....Hugs and Merry Christmas xx0x0 Glenda

by tilde01 11 Dec 2012

Had that happen to me a few years back. So glad you've got the protection.