by bikermomfl 07 Dec 2012

I hope I don't get scolded but does anybody know what happened to the adorable snake alpha that started? All of a sudden it's gone. I can't even find it in order to try and vote for it. Such a shame it's so cute.


by pennyhal 07 Dec 2012

If I really like an alphabet, I just buy it, especially if it's only about $6. That way I'm sure to get all the letters.

by meganne 07 Dec 2012

Hey, I just saw the snake font, whole alphabet, is available at Cute Alphabets for only $5.97,,,,,,,,

catsnhorses by catsnhorses 07 Dec 2012

Meganne, thank you for posting this. Sometimes we all forget that Ms. Veronika is trying to make a living from selling her designs. We are so blessed with everything she shares with us for free! Thanks for the gentle reminder.

meganne by meganne 07 Dec 2012

Yep, it is good to remember the other sites and right now there are lots of alphas on special at Cute Alphas, great time to buy complete sets for less than half price.

by phi4 07 Dec 2012

I can't complain, x mass berries just as pretty. I hope the snake font will show up again later. May be x mass berries are appropriate for the season.

by pennifold 07 Dec 2012

Karen, just click on the DESIGNS tab above and to the left of your post DESIGNS, COMMUNITY, Q&A, PROJECTS, DESIGNS BY CUTIES.

The alphabet is still there. Love and blessings Chris

by cherylgauteng 07 Dec 2012

I have not bothered to look since the Christmas berries took over. Maybe it will present itself later. I have decided that I have enough alphas anyway and am not going to bother to collect it. I have deleted the ones that I did collect. Sorry to be so negative but this is the THIRD time that the Christmas berries is up for downloading !!!