by beatie58 05 Dec 2012

6 Dec12 - I am about to purchase a new laptop and wondered if anyone is using Windows 8 and whether it is compatable with embird and other embroidery software? Seems soon we will only be able to buy computers with windows 8. Hugs Sally


by asterixsew Moderator 06 Dec 2012

I asked the same question a few days ago (for PE 8) and got a logical answer that what I wanted was on the Brother www. Maybe the Embird site will have the answer you need

by vickiannette 06 Dec 2012

my son bought a new computer yesterday with Windows 7. The expert at the store told him that Windows8 has too many problems with it-very much like the problems which accompanied Vista, so he advised against buying it.

by lenamae 06 Dec 2012

I was told the other day by a computer expert that windows 8 can be purched and down loaded on amy of the windows .all it does as I understand is makes it work faster my windows 7 is as fast as I want to go.
Hugs Lenamae

by grandmamek 06 Dec 2012

I just bought a laptop with windows 8. Sure took some getting used to. However, I use Buzz Tools and customizer and so far they work fine on new computer. I do not know about embird as I have never used it. Hope this info helps. Hugs, Mary

anabela by anabela 07 Dec 2012

me too, and I have no problems

alexgrandma by alexgrandma 08 Dec 2012

I have had no problems and my son a computer geek said that 8 was safer than 7 security wise..

by ktk9 05 Dec 2012

Don't know whether our older programs will be compatible, but you can still get a new computer with Windows 7 according to the computer tech who writes for USA TODAY. See the link to read the complete article:

Good luck!