by dec716 03 Dec 2012

Has anyone bought the new Simplicity Deluxe Bias Tape maker. The original didn't seem to work well by all reviews I read. Just wondering if it has been improved enough to jusify the cost even though I would be getting at least 40% off of $150.00


by jmweller 05 Dec 2012

I also have the original tape maker and also like it very well. It did about 15 feet of quilt binding in about a minute or so. That's a lot faster that I could do it with an iron!! Maureen

by michemb 05 Dec 2012

I have had the simplicity bias tape maker for about two years (not the deluxe model) and I absolutely LOVE it. Share hours of work and really works very well, no problems with it.
In my opinion, it is a must have for anyone who uses bias tape regularly,

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dec716 by dec716 05 Dec 2012

thank you
Yours is the first real positive comment I have read. Most always have some type of negitive
Surely the Deluxe model is as good

by vickiannette 04 Dec 2012

I have a friend who has just purchased a Bias Maker, but I don't know the brand name [or what it cost] Will ask how she is getting along with it

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dec716 by dec716 04 Dec 2012

thank you I'd love to hear what she has to say

by vikkilporter 04 Dec 2012

I am buying the bias tape maker. I just don't do any piping but I have good things. My darling husband is buying me one with the set of tips for under a hundred. Good luck with yours if you get one.vlp

dec716 by dec716 04 Dec 2012

thank you
How many tips did you get?

vikkilporter by vikkilporter 04 Dec 2012

Four @ Nancy notions very good price and I do quilts, and things that require wider ones so I think this is just perfect.