by pldc 01 Dec 2012

ok ladies I need your opinions, here are my 3 choices for the Pooh Quilt I can't decide which one to put inside the green blocks. She is 8 years old, the last one is hearts but it doesn't stitch up much darker then it shows, sew I think it may be too light, & the middle one is a flower & the first one I'm not sure she maybe to young for this one? which one do you like best? I have made the 3 of these with the same fabric batting & thread as I am going to use on the quilt sew the representation would be accurate


by mjdg 03 Dec 2012

I have great grands that age and they would prefer the one that looks like a daisy.... but it probably won't make a lot of difference since she will be looking at the Pooh designs! :)


by gerryvb 03 Dec 2012

I prefer nr 1 and 2, but for an 8 years old I twould choose nr 2

by loosie 03 Dec 2012

Can't wait to see the outcome :)

by castelyn 03 Dec 2012

Looking forward to see which 1 you used. Hugs Yvonne

by shirley124 02 Dec 2012

Looking forward to seeing which one you have decide to use. But I would use the 2nd one myself. Hugs Shirley

by pennyhal 02 Dec 2012

Looks like you have already decided, but the third on has little hearts in it!

by pldc 02 Dec 2012

thanks everyone I really appreciate all the feedback & the one I chose is..................well you have to wait to see the finished quilt! Hugs Loralye

by ramona 02 Dec 2012

My vote is for #2 because it's a flower and seems more for an 8 y/o. For an adult I like #1 but this is for a little girl and I think she would love the sunflower.
That's my 2 cents for what it's worth.

by oaro 02 Dec 2012

I like the first one

by rsehorse 02 Dec 2012

I like #2, the big flower. To me it goes more with the Pooh theme. Hugs, Susan

by jenne 02 Dec 2012

I like the first one it has more quilt work and shows up better.

by venetia 02 Dec 2012

Have you tried stitching the heart one twice,1 on top of the other. It may give better definition. Otherwise the middle one is propably the one for a child.

by jennlenore 01 Dec 2012

If you can't decide....compromise and use them both!!! Who says every block has to be the same??? Intersperse them throughout the quilt!!! Personally I like them both but do think the middle floral one would be cutest for an eight year old girl.

by pldc 01 Dec 2012

everyone I have asked here at home has said the top one too & I like the middle one because is it juevenille, but maybe it should be the top one sew she will still be happy with it as she grows? ok I am off to try it thanks ladies I do appreciate the feedback! Hugs Loralye PS these are 7.5 square & to pretty not to use but will have to see later what I can use them for!

by erzy 01 Dec 2012

I like the top one the best. But I think for an 8 year old, the middle one is nicer.

by capoodle 01 Dec 2012

I do like the first one best for an adult but the middle one with the flower looks more for an 8 year old. They are all lovely and hope you can make a pot holder or something out of your stitch outs.

by noah 01 Dec 2012

The first one is best because it has more Quilting and it shows off your work best???hugs