by kryztyna 01 Dec 2012

HELP. I have PE Design 7 and I am trying to add motif fills to my pattern folder. The downloads are in PMF and when I try use it, it asks for PAS. Very important to note...I have little real knowledge of what Im trying to do hehehe. I just know that I want these new paterns to be available when I use the sewing attribute settings when I use the program. stitch option. May sound doh! But I will only learn if I ask :) feels like I am going round in circles here


by kezza2sew 01 Dec 2012

Oh My Goodness LOOK at that little mouse run....hehehe.......

by bnilla9241 01 Dec 2012

I have PE Design 7 too. Where are you adding the motifs, or trying to the the motif's to? Feel free to PM or email me so I can get a better idea of what you need to do.
** Please put Cuties or PE 7, cuties, some designation so I will not delete it.
Hugs, Bonnie