by capoodle ( edited 01 Dec 2012 ) 30 Nov 2012

This food carrier is for the final day of my daughter's Secret Santa gifts. It is made from two placemats that I padded the inside bottom and added the snowflake corner from Embroider This and her name. Was not the shape I wanted but at the time could only find plastic placemats so I worked with these two cloth ones. The image I saw had ties closing it but I put Velcro as the closure. There will be a purchased container to go inside.


by sewdeb 08 Jan 2014

Wow, this is so lovely.

by sewilso 08 Jan 2014

Very pretty!

by loosie 03 Dec 2012

Love it :)

by nama2 01 Dec 2012

Great job! I like the idea of putting extra padding inside.

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capoodle by capoodle 01 Dec 2012


by erzy 01 Dec 2012

I never heard from secret santa before. We don't have that in Holland.
But I suppose you take a name and have to buy/make something for the one whose name you drew.
We do things like that with Sinterklaas (december 5). And we don't wrap it in normally, but make something funny to put it in. We once made a computer, a house, a bed for a doll and so on. And we write a funny poem with it. Sadly my children do want to do the presents and the poem, but they say they don't have time for the funny thing to wrap it in.

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capoodle by capoodle 01 Dec 2012

Yes - it was take a name and not tell the others. Don't know how she is going to get the gifts in the office daily and no one sees. Thanks for sharing your tradition. You made your gift giving wrap useful.

by pennyhal 01 Dec 2012

Gee, that came out great! I'd never think of using plastic, but it sure does the job.

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capoodle by capoodle 01 Dec 2012

Thanks but I should have said I only found 3 cloth ones. Two black ones and one light blue. lol It was the shape that I didn't want to work with and if I squared it up it would have been to small.

by eteaff 01 Dec 2012

Very nicely done. Wish I worked their.

by lenamae 01 Dec 2012

nice lots of work.
hug lenamae

by oaro 01 Dec 2012

nice project

by 02kar Moderator 01 Dec 2012

I love these and so quick and easy to make with ready-made placemats. Your carrier looks so classy.

by highlandermom 30 Nov 2012

Fantastic work on this. As I read your description I thought. I am not fond of plastic either but Wow this is lined and will wipe up on outside nicely if someone spills on it. I love it.The design is perfect goes so well with the mat. Love the personalized additon.

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capoodle by capoodle 30 Nov 2012

These are the only 3 fabric ones I could find and the black color your right about it not showing stains if there is a spill.

by bumblebee 30 Nov 2012

Nicely personalized-easy to find your stuff in potlucks

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capoodle by capoodle 30 Nov 2012

Thanks. Had something nice disappear at a gathering so I started to mark my items.

by noah 30 Nov 2012

great idea hugs:):)

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by gramsbear 30 Nov 2012

Wonderful!!! I made some of those last year and was surprized when Granddaughter walked in on Thanksgiving sporting a dish in her's!!!

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capoodle by capoodle 30 Nov 2012

Makes you feel good that the time spent making it that it will be used.

by michemb 30 Nov 2012

SUPER love the black with the snowflake

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capoodle by capoodle 30 Nov 2012

Thanks. Had a poinsettia in mind but when I couldn't find it choose the snowflake. Found the poinsettia a few days later. lol

by pldc 30 Nov 2012

It is very elegante, a big hit for sure! Hugs Loralye

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capoodle by capoodle 30 Nov 2012

Thanks. Was told she didn't have anything to carry her food in and she makes stuff for the employees almost every week.