by noah 23 Nov 2012

Update on my Quilt !!Does everyone know how to do one this size or smaller ???First i bought 2 large pieces of malmine its wood with beige shiny top.Then we put legs on it that fold down or up when needed.I have two of these so i can do a queen/king quilt if need be.Next buy binder clamps i think i got 50 .

lay your back on the wood /table /whatever u want to call it!!use your binder clamps to get it tight ,then your bat then your tap clamping each new layer .
Then i pin it with safety pins.then its ready to quilt. I take out the pins as needed if i machine quilt it .
I am not good at explaining so i hope this helps at least one person .
I am now quilting row 5 on this big baby hugs Carolyn


by buffy1 26 Nov 2012

it is beautiful!

by dilceia 25 Nov 2012

Work Fantastic!! Congrats Carolyns!

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noah by noah 25 Nov 2012

Thanks Dilceia hugs

by blueeyedblonde 25 Nov 2012

looking great!

1 comment
noah by noah 25 Nov 2012

Thanks hugs!!

by shilly 24 Nov 2012

Go,Caroline,go! We're cheering you on, since we haven't attempted such a mega project yet.

1 comment
noah by noah 24 Nov 2012

Welllllllllllll thanks hugs!!

by jussyc 24 Nov 2012

Wow Carolyn, love the fabrics and embroidery designs, but admit this would scare the heebie jeebies out of me! LOL. Beautiful work :)

noah by noah edited 24 Nov 2012

done to many to be scared lol but this part bores me .Like the big kid i am lol .I am almost done the quilting .Not bad for 2 days work lol

jussyc by jussyc 24 Nov 2012

Just 2 days work! :O oh my gosh Carolyn, I'm going to nickname you Speedy :D this would probably take me 2 years. Hehe

noah by noah 24 Nov 2012

I am putting the binding on right now but i need a computer break lol

by cj2sew 24 Nov 2012

Wow. I'm impressed. When I had to do it on a regular machine I did not quilt with such detail. Just straight lines up and down or across. I had to get me a longarm but, your quilt is to big for me. I admire your ability.

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noah by noah 24 Nov 2012

thanks i would like a long arm but don't do enough quilts to pay for it lol

by shirley124 24 Nov 2012

Great going Carolyn. Love your ideas. Great pictures. Wish you lived closer I could get you to finish all my ufo Quilts. LOL Hugs Shirley

1 comment
noah by noah 24 Nov 2012

And i sure would i can't stand having stuff looking at me to finish!!!I just start and finish then on to next projects lol hugs

by imagona 24 Nov 2012

Way to go. I'm impressed. I hope someday to learn how to quilt on machine.

1 comment
noah by noah 24 Nov 2012

Its easy :):)

by oaro 24 Nov 2012

looks like tone of work but an sure you will be done

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noah by noah 24 Nov 2012

I am just finishing row 8 one more to go .My goal is done by midnight tonight lol hugs

by pennyhal 24 Nov 2012

I have to say I'm impressed that you are able to get a quilt in an embroidery hoop!!! I hand quilt most of my quilts. The ones that I do machine quiltilng on, I do in sections to make them more manageable. I like that you are doing an all over stipple. It makes the quilt look more "quilty" to me. Is all the stabilizers used in the embroidery designs removed before making the sandwich? Are you using any stabilizers when stippilng?

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noah by noah 24 Nov 2012

All stab. is remove from the picture and i am just quilting it no stableizer at all just the 3 quilt layers ok

by pldc 24 Nov 2012

it iwll be beautiful, hugs loralye

1 comment
noah by noah 24 Nov 2012

Thanks Lor. hugs carolyn

by mysew1325 24 Nov 2012

that is a ton of work.... I am impressed.. I send all mine out to the quilter..

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noah by noah 24 Nov 2012

can't aford that so i do it myself hugs

by tippi 24 Nov 2012

Looks like you are doing a super job. Will be beautiful when you finish.

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noah by noah 24 Nov 2012

Thanks hugs!!

by greysewist Moderator 24 Nov 2012

Carolyn, they say that 'need is the mother of invention' and you sure have shown that is true. Excellent job and the blocks look really lovely. Thanks for sharing your tips and progress with us all!

1 comment
noah by noah 24 Nov 2012

Well i need to sew thats for sure lol hugs

by capoodle 23 Nov 2012

You are really getting good use of the mega hoop. I wouldn't get very far on my 5X7 hoop. lol Did you do the other quilts last Christmas for your boys by free motion?

1 comment
noah by noah 24 Nov 2012

free motion !!on my sewing machine!!

by momhome 23 Nov 2012

Thank you very much Carolyn. You are doing such an excellent job. I copied your instructions and am putting them in my tip folder for future use. Otherwise, I would never be able to find this when I am ready for it. I was able to understand your instructions - but that doesn't mean I won't have to ask you questions when I start to do this.

1 comment
noah by noah 24 Nov 2012

ok no problem i love to help others carolyn

by worthy 23 Nov 2012

Thanks for the good information. You are really going to town, just think you are over half done. Congratulations.

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noah by noah 24 Nov 2012

yes thank-you hugs

by loosie 23 Nov 2012

this is great info, Carolyn. What size of hoop are you using? I have a 5x7 hoop so I would be limited to a 5x5 stipple I believe...
You are buzzing along like a buzy bee...... buzz buzz.... :)
Love it :)

1 comment
noah by noah 23 Nov 2012

lol i am using a 5.75 x10 but once its on the machine i can increase it still 20% i am now on row 6 !!and getting bored as the kids say:(:(

by highlandermom 23 Nov 2012

Your looking great! and moving along like I knew you would. You have made nice showing on how. I machine hand stippled quilt smaller couple years ago and was not so nice for my hands. My tendons are mess. The hoop idea I have done for purses etc. but not quilt top. I may go for it after New Year as I hope to get software and start teachng myself new tricks soon.

1 comment
noah by noah 23 Nov 2012

Oh good for u i need someone beside me to show me or pictures i can't get it just from the written word .But i sure do try hugs carolyn