by danababes 23 Nov 2012

I'm looking for a design set I saw over a year ago and hope someone can help. It was a modular washing line/clothesline set with both adult & childrens clothes. There were (I believe) also birds on some parts of the line. Both left & right posts had grass at the bottom. I've been to emblib, Sewforum, Secretsof, Nicole's, OPW, ATG and just can't remember where I saw this set. Does anyone else have any suggestions of where to look please? Yep, should have bought it when I saw it lol and not in my browser history as that was a different computer I used then. :) xXx


by ansalu 24 Nov 2012

Like some of the others I thought it could be these 2 sets from nicole (birds, gras, apron etc). I had copied the pics to my wish-folder ;o)
Greetings, Bettina

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danababes by danababes 26 Nov 2012

This one isnt quite the one I remember but may be the one I'll use. Thank you. (BTW its now on the $5 sale pages if you're still wishing for it). :)

by greysewist Moderator 24 Nov 2012

Not sure which search word you used when you went to Emb Lib but there are lots there! I also have one from HIA and another from Softdrinks site

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danababes by danababes 26 Nov 2012

I saw loads there, yes, but not the one I was looking for. Thank you :)

by narellep 24 Nov 2012

Pinkies Yahoo group gave one away in May design number 256, it has jeans, an apron, a pair of small socks and a bird on a clothes line and a vine and flowers twined between the posts.

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danababes by danababes 26 Nov 2012

ahh yes, I found two sets with washing lines from Pinkie .. thanks (I should upack zip files more often lol) :)

by saintpati 23 Nov 2012

Sure it couldn't be from Nicoles?? Seems I saw that on her site but I just went there and didn't even recognize her site - she has redone it. Maybe it was hers and wasn't included on her new site?? Could always email her and ask.

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danababes by danababes 26 Nov 2012

Similar, thanks (it's on the $5 sale page now) :)

by noah 23 Nov 2012

no idea but maybe some one else can help???

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danababes by danababes 26 Nov 2012

Thanks anyway :)