by lindalee757 20 Nov 2012

UH-oh -baby steps I guess lol. I just saw that we have images again but I just tried to download the dove on cute alphabet- got the 404 message-I'll check again later I guess. ~linda~


by lindalee757 21 Nov 2012

YAY-looks like things are back up and running again. Beautiful gift font for all of us-thanks Veronika. I did notice though, that the dove at cute alphabet got left out-it's moved on to the heart cat-darn-I have been waiting for the doves-hopefully it'll run again

ansalu by ansalu 21 Nov 2012

I have dl the dove this morning so it should have been there *lol* But tomorrow the next dove will come and the other has 41 votes again ;o)
Greetings, Bettina

lindalee757 by lindalee757 21 Nov 2012 must have switched before I got up . When I logged off last nite around midnite message was still up. I checked in this morning at 6:15-the site was back to normal but the design had changed from the dove to the cat =( guess I wil have to wait for the other one to come up- I also missed the Capital A when it all started-guess I will have to buy that one-it's way low on the vote list ~linda~

ansalu by ansalu 22 Nov 2012

Bad luck for you that a new alpha started. So the dove has spread her wings and flew away ;o)