Colors: 6 

Letter D

Design #: 9039614
Price: $1.00
Design Details
Size (in): 2.05"(w) x 3.19"(h)
Size (mm): 52 x 81
Stitches: 4700
Colors: 6 Color Chart: View | Print
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d snakefont
patfarrer by patfarrer 21 Dec 2012

This is the cutest letter. Thanks so much! Merry Christmas

clfuller by clfuller 21 Dec 2012

I can't believe someone would complain about a freebie design. Thanks so much for offering any at all. I really appreciate the gesture and will be glad to have it and watch for more. I'll also order a design that catches my eye now and then. Thanks again.

lenag by lenag 21 Dec 2012

soo cute!

iris2006 by iris2006 21 Dec 2012

What a cute font, thank you

angeleyes7492003 by angeleyes7492003 21 Dec 2012

soo cute!

oemmes47 by oemmes47 21 Dec 2012

Danke..das ist sehr lustig..

dejay by dejay 21 Dec 2012

Thankyou - just my letter

maleah by maleah 21 Dec 2012

Thank you for this cute font. :)

margiepeart by margiepeart 21 Dec 2012

Thank you

bernina1 by bernina1 21 Dec 2012

Thank you. Happy Christmas

justonlyme by justonlyme 20 Dec 2012

Love it!! Thank you. :)

paulaange by paulaange 20 Dec 2012

cute...hope I can get the rest of the alphabet now.

JaniceLuther by JaniceLuther 20 Dec 2012

like the snake design - very clever

cj2sew by cj2sew 20 Dec 2012

This is such a cute alphabet. Thank you

yvepat by yvepat 20 Dec 2012

Love the snakes. Thank you

chalkdust100 by chalkdust100 20 Dec 2012

Thank you.

donnajw by donnajw 20 Dec 2012

Thank you

cathydvd87 by cathydvd87 20 Dec 2012

thank you

Simplesewer1 by Simplesewer1 20 Dec 2012

Thank You for starting these back up again!!

klaessle by klaessle 20 Dec 2012

thank you

gypsylady1 by gypsylady1 20 Dec 2012

Thank you!

crazystitcher by crazystitcher 20 Dec 2012

very cute for a snake - thank-you

inovis900 by inovis900 20 Dec 2012

merci moi j'aime beaucoup les serpents ! et en plus ils sont très utiles à notre éco système.....

tillylongshanks by tillylongshanks 20 Dec 2012

Thank you so much

sewdenise by sewdenise 20 Dec 2012

Thank you!

Sue212 by Sue212 20 Dec 2012

i hate snakes too, will you continue with some of the berry fonts missed I am wiaitng for G P M

sewdeb by sewdeb 20 Dec 2012

Thank you.

loriziegler by loriziegler 20 Dec 2012

adorable thanks

agatha by agatha 20 Dec 2012

Many Thanks!

Vega by Vega 20 Dec 2012


mamacooke by mamacooke 20 Dec 2012

I love this set. Thanks for continuing it!

janelle by janelle 20 Dec 2012


fargramma by fargramma 20 Dec 2012


susiesembroidery by susiesembroidery 20 Dec 2012

Thank you. This set is very cute.

markus by markus 20 Dec 2012

Thank you

remko25 by remko25 20 Dec 2012


asahi by asahi 20 Dec 2012


oldtimer992005 by oldtimer992005 20 Dec 2012

hi this is so confusing. what happened to the letter C. will we get it PLEASE. thank you so kindly.

gramsbear by gramsbear 20 Dec 2012


jnieb by jnieb 20 Dec 2012

Thanks so much.... I want to vote the the E in this snake font and could not find it anywhere when I looked. I hope you will have it tomorrow. Thanks again.

mrymoote by mrymoote 20 Dec 2012

I am absolute terrified of snakes but have to say these are sooooo cute. Maybe I can handle making my grandchild a shirt with these. lol

maeeast67 by maeeast67 20 Dec 2012


ullis by ullis 20 Dec 2012

Thank you

jofrog2000 by jofrog2000 20 Dec 2012

Now to find the E and F Thanks

ritageysen by ritageysen 20 Dec 2012

dank u wel

emailkimnow by emailkimnow 16 Dec 2012

cute my granddaughter is fascinated by snakes

holly12 by holly12 28 Nov 2012

Thank you. Arlene

06jannie by 06jannie 22 Nov 2012

These snakes are so sweet.
Thank you!

ribbbbons by ribbbbons 21 Nov 2012

I hate i will wait for the next alpha. Why would they pick this theme????? lots of folks are deathly afraid of snakes

ariane by ariane 20 Nov 2012

great, thak you

ariane by ariane 20 Nov 2012