by esansom 12 Nov 2012

Help! I've just tried to stitch out the FSL Angel of Christmas Ornament by Soni Showalter. I could not finish the peach color. The stitches pulled away from the Solvy. I think I may have hooped the Solvy to tight. The store did not sell 75 sharp needles so I bought 80 sharp. My question is can I float a piece of Solvy under the hoop? Do you think that would help? Thanks for your help! Stella


by sdrise 12 Nov 2012

Here is another trick if you do not have the thick wash away to do FSL on. Put tulle or organza inbetween several layers of your thinner wash away. So not hoop too tight. That should hold it well also. Suzanne

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esansom by esansom 12 Nov 2012

I do have tulle on hand. Thanks for the idea. I appreciate it. Stella

by jobaby 12 Nov 2012

AuntAnnie said it all. I have stitched every angel in that series so far using Vilene or a stabilizer like it and every one turned out beautifully.

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esansom by esansom 12 Nov 2012

Thanks! I am fairly new at embroiderying. I actually thought that Vilene and Solvy were the same thing, Just different commerical names. Thanks for your help.

by AuntAnnie 12 Nov 2012

Solvy is not appropriate to support FSL. The needle causes small holes so the design will "punch out." Instead, use one or two layers of a fiberous washaway. This is the type that looks more like fabric than plastic wrap. Do continue to use a sharp needle. Also, prepare you hoops with some light weight shelf liner. The tutorial can be found at Criswell. I leave it on my hoops at all times--not just for FSL.

esansom by esansom 12 Nov 2012

"Punch out" is exactly what it looked like. Do you have the commerical name for this fiberous washaway? I don't think I know what it is. I'm going to check out the link now. Thanks so very much for taking the time to respond. Stella

AuntAnnie by AuntAnnie 12 Nov 2012

Mine is "Aqua Magic" by Inspira. If you are in the states, similar paroducts are carried by WalMart (maybe Wash B Gone) or JoAnn (Pelon Wash N Gone)

crafter2243 by crafter2243 12 Nov 2012


esansom by esansom 12 Nov 2012

You are so helpful. I will buy some the next time I'm in town. Thanks so much I appreciate it! Stella

pennyhal by pennyhal 17 Nov 2012

Thanks for the link. It really helped me!

by justsew 12 Nov 2012

OOO yes I have had this same prob with tee lights. I dont know if I hooped to tight, but when I could see it was starting to not join to the sides, I sliped loads of off cutts that i save under the hoop and on top, holding in place till it sewed around the new bitts , and ha ho it was ok .

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esansom by esansom 12 Nov 2012

This is the exact information that I needed. Thanks so much for answering! Stella