by alexgrandma 11 Nov 2012

I went to a Floriani event yesterday.. I bought the Floriani Total Control! I can't wait till I know what I am doing!!


by monicahall 13 Nov 2012

i would also like to know how you go with it, i looked at it at the craft fair and was also very tempted and still am I would realy like to know if it is as easy as they make it out to be

Thanks Monica

by drro 12 Nov 2012

I went to one of their events and was very tempted! Their software program makes digitizing look so easy! Let us know how you like it...I did not get it when I saw it, but have since thought I might if they have another program near me in the future! ENJOY!!

by clawton 11 Nov 2012

I've gone to the events in the past and was impressed with the software. If I had not already invested in the Viking product I would have purchased it. At that time the updates were free for lifetime! Is that still the case? That was great. With the Viking you can upgrade but it isn't cheap!

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alexgrandma by alexgrandma 12 Nov 2012

That is what got me to purchase it!!

by susiesembroidery 11 Nov 2012

I hope you will soon be doing your crafty thing with it.

by alexgrandma 11 Nov 2012

I bought the Floriani Total Control Professional Embroidery Software!! I is a digitizing program.. I just don't know how yet!! You get the manual after you register it so.. I have to wait but I am trying and finding out that I know nothing!!

by zoefzoef 11 Nov 2012

Sounds something great ? have no idea what is is. Can you explain it a bit more ?

by spendlove Moderator 11 Nov 2012

I am intrigued - what is it and what does it do? (Sounds like special underwear!!!)

by mysew1325 11 Nov 2012

well hope it was fun and you will figure it out.. what did you buy .