by rsloan 06 Nov 2012

Dear all - I'm new to the Cuties too and I have so much enjoyed this site, the designs and the conversations. I must tell you about a new product I just bought (you all may already be familiar with it). It's Embrilliance Thumbnailer. It's a CD you load into your computer and let's you view the pictures for all your stored designs without having to connect to your sewing machine. And it works on many formats,and works with both MAC and Windows. Now I can sit in the comfort of my steadfast recliner chair and search my designs to my heart's content - no more lugging my sewing machine into the living room!


by abeille78 12 Nov 2012

Welcome rsloan...
One more cutie in the world...

by momhome 10 Nov 2012

Welcome to the Cutie family. You will love it here. Ask away on questions, make suggestions, upload pic of your projects, download lots of wonderful designs. And above all Have FUN!! We are glad to have you here.

by pennifold 10 Nov 2012

A great big Aussie welcome from me too. Thanks for the information, I have SewIconz and it does a similar thing. I hope you have lots of fun, make new friends and learn all there is to know about machine embroidery (which is vast!). Love and blessings Chris

P.S. Where are you from?

by kryztyna 10 Nov 2012

Hello Becky and welcome! Hugs Christine, Johannesburg South Africa

by rsloan 10 Nov 2012

Thank you for the warm welcome. I found the Embrilliance Thumbnailer CD at my local sewing store. I had been lamenting to my husband that I had to move my sewing machine into the living room to "brouse" through and view my stored patterns when I want to make something, or if I want to see if I've already downloaded (and paid for) the pattern before. I like to sit in my recliner in the evening and be with him, but I can't seem to stop looking for new patterns. Well, this package is everything I had hoped. It installs very easy on the computer and I can brouse thru my designs and view them on my laptop screen as large as 3" x 3". I can organize my stored designs and rename them without having to have my sewing machine connected to my laptop - what a joy! It comes as a single CD with both Windows and MAC capability and will view 30 different design formats including PES,HUS.JEF and all the rest. It is sold by Briton Leap, Inc. And has a bar code of BLI-EMT10. It cost $50 (gulp!) but it is worth it. I have found no drawbacks to the program at all -- and that's not always the case. Let me know if you have questions - Becky

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bevintex by bevintex 10 Nov 2012

Buy it on ebay for $32.00 and get free shipping.

by lynlaing 07 Nov 2012

Welcome and please enjoy

by anangel 07 Nov 2012

Welcome to Cute, and for the info! This is a great group!
Hugs, Angel

by eteaff 07 Nov 2012

Weldome to Cuties.

by 02kar Moderator 07 Nov 2012

Welcome to the Cute family. Thanks for the info.

by zoefzoef 07 Nov 2012

Hello ! Welcome to Cuties !!! (Belgium)

by airyfairy 07 Nov 2012

Welcome to Cute. Sarah (South Africa)

by dilceia 06 Nov 2012

Welcome to Cute !

by sewemb 06 Nov 2012

Welcome to Cute and telling us about the software. Sounds like something worth looking into.

by draco 06 Nov 2012

Welcome to Cute !!

by chenille 06 Nov 2012

Welcome! It is one great Big family here. Glad you came aboard.
Hugs &**, Nadyne

by drro 06 Nov 2012

Wow! Sounds great! Thanks for the information.

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drro by drro 06 Nov 2012

ANd....Welcome to Cute, a great place to be too when you sit in your recliner:)

by gramsbear 06 Nov 2012

Welcome to Cute!!! Hope you enjoy the friendship that is offered here on Cute. We are like a BIG family, extending all around the world. Hugs, Judy