by snowbird42 03 Nov 2012

Towel for christmas present ..the sewout i just could not waste so i made a laundry (or whatever these bags are good for travelling laundry/shoes/etc) bag i am going to end up with lots of bags doing this al the time.....the design is DBC from Basketcase.......soozie


by blueeyedblonde 04 Nov 2012

great job!

by loosie 03 Nov 2012

This is a great set :)

by wendymay60 03 Nov 2012

Soozie when you have enough bags you could save your squares & sew a quilt for a childrens hospital or for a charity of your choosing. Love your towel

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snowbird42 by snowbird42 04 Nov 2012

Wendy i was thinking today what i could do with all the sewouts that i have collected and i have come to the same thought as you and thank you for your thoughts...soozie

by shirley124 03 Nov 2012

Love your towel and bag.

by pldc 03 Nov 2012

you & vicki have done a great job

by rachap 03 Nov 2012

Good idea & nice work!

by capoodle 03 Nov 2012

The fabric print on the bag matches the designs colors so well. Pretty set.

by sdrise 03 Nov 2012

Love it!! Nice job Suzanne

by highlandermom 03 Nov 2012

Super looking, I love the shoe design.

by asterixsew Moderator 03 Nov 2012

Great work

by 02kar Moderator 03 Nov 2012

Very cute project!

by basketkase 03 Nov 2012

Great job, Soozie!! I love the black you threw in on the kitty!!

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snowbird42 by snowbird42 03 Nov 2012

thank you and i just love your designs....soozie

by pennifold 03 Nov 2012

I love the shoes on this. I love shoes and if I find a pair I like I try and buy a couple of pairs. I am heavy on shoes, Mum on the other hand has hers for years! Love Chris

P.S. By the way, great job on these.

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snowbird42 by snowbird42 04 Nov 2012

Hi Chris i am a bit of a shoeaholic too just must have the right pair to go with the outfit...soozie

by momhome 03 Nov 2012

You did a great job. Beautiful design.

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snowbird42 by snowbird42 03 Nov 2012

thank you...soozie