by bonnetgirl 31 Oct 2012

Just went to Embroidery Library and wow do they have a great sale on. I just had to get several of them.


by cfidl 31 Oct 2012

Hey Bonnet, I was wondering if you could refrain from posting sale for competitive sites on this site. Ms V is gracious enough to allow us the freebies page, however I can not see how this is inappropriate for this forum (trust me I did it too, not I do not). Thanks

bevintex by bevintex 31 Oct 2012

Is it just designs that you object to? Or is it also for sales like thread and supplies.

bonnetgirl by bonnetgirl 31 Oct 2012

That is funny, I clicked on your avatar to see if you were a moderator, and the first thing I see is go to the site Hatched by Africa for new designs. If what you say is the case then we also must not put up sites with freebies because Ms V also gives freebies. I think all the sites will not be allowed to be given out. The designs that are given free on here also by designers with their own sites would not be allowed to give them. I think you are wrong. I found this site through the cute site.

caroldann by caroldann 31 Oct 2012

Apparently Christine has permission from one of the moderators to post that this is not acceptable. I really think it should be one of the moderators stating this. Just my opinion. Hugs..Carol

bevintex by bevintex 31 Oct 2012

Since we have 4 moderators I would like to see what they have to say. Is this a no-no or not?

pennyhal by pennyhal 01 Nov 2012

Yes, I'd like a moderator to clarify this. I thought you could not post the site you owned unless you had permission and also posted this site on your homepage. Posting links to sites you don't own like freebies, sales, where you got a design from is different.

babie by babie 02 Nov 2012

I love to hear about sales. It does not mean I do not support Mrs V's site. It would be a pity if it is not allowable but if it is the rule I would understand and it is fine. The normal known sites most of us in any event would get an e-mail but some sites we do not often visit. It would be great to know so that we don't post if not allowed.

by sdrise 31 Oct 2012

They have great designs great sales and great service. Worth signing up for their E-mails . They have great sales all the time. Suzanne

by 02kar Moderator 31 Oct 2012

And they have great sales every week. Oh my oh my, have I gad fun there.

by bevintex 31 Oct 2012

Thanks, I love emblibrary,even better when there is a sale