by capoodle 28 Oct 2012

Tsunami warning on the coastal areas of British Columbia, Canada following a 7.7 magnitude earthquake. Now both of the North American coasts are under warnings. I know we have some cuties in the earthquake area and many in the more populated areas of the East Coast in Hurricane Sandy's path. Prayers that everyone is in a safe place.


by eyeztodiefor10 28 Oct 2012

Here in NY we are expected to get tons of rain from Sandy. I worry for the folks who are going to get hit with the snow.. May God keep an eye out for those of you/us in the path of this huge storm. There's so many Cuties who will be affected. Please take the warnings seriously. Things can be replaced but you can't be!

by sdrise 28 Oct 2012

We had a small Quake last week here in Rhode Island. Came from Maine. 4.5 magnitute. Just shook dishes and the floor here a bit. think it is related? Suzanne

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capoodle by capoodle 28 Oct 2012

I did hear about that but then nothing else was mentioned. The earth is constantly moving so probably not related.

by jerrib 28 Oct 2012

Wow, I live in British Columbia Canada, right near the US border. I did not feel anything here.
Hugs Jerri

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capoodle by capoodle 28 Oct 2012

I did have you in mind when I heard about the quake. It did have an after shock shortly after the first one.

by oigelcox 28 Oct 2012

Prayers to all in the path of these acts of wrath from nature. We had a special live program from the Islands tonight watching out for the Tsunami on our Australian TV . Hugs Joyce

by gerryvb 28 Oct 2012

hope everybody will be safe. Prayers for all victimes of nature.

by 02kar Moderator 28 Oct 2012

Hawaii still seems ot be of concern, folks. Apparently they have already gotten several small waves, with more expected.

by momhome 28 Oct 2012

Oh no. I had not hear about the Tsunami. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you in these danger areas. PLEASE keep us posted on how you are doing so that we know you are OK. (I understand that we may not hear from you for a few days with the expected power outages.) Please everyone be careful and be safe.

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capoodle by capoodle 28 Oct 2012

Here in the North Carolina Mountains where we are expected to get a foot or so of the white stuff we are used to coping with the elements. The flooding in the coastal areas is a worry for those residents.

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by sewmom edited 28 Oct 2012

Thank you. Northern California tsunami warning has been lifted. It was a brief warning they said. I don't know about farther North. I had to check because my UCSC daughter is downtown tonight in Santa Cruz not up at the high ground of the college. During the college orientation they actually covered that subject and said they were high enough not to worry.

sewmom by sewmom 28 Oct 2012

At 9:31 pm from CBS News: A tsunami warning was canceled for Northern California and coastal areas of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest after a strong earthquake shook an island off the west coast of Canada.

bumblebee by bumblebee 28 Oct 2012

Thanks Sewmom
That is probably why they aren't talking about it but concentrating on the East coast. Our local news is at 11PM
I have family over there so paying attention. Hopefully it
wont be as bad as the hype for the East Coast

capoodle by capoodle 28 Oct 2012

Thanks for the update. Hadn't heard the tsunami warning was lifted. Anyway you look at it the weather and earth are being vicious lately.

by bumblebee 28 Oct 2012

I have been following the east coast mess but haven't heard about this
Earthquake-I'll go to CNN and check it out.

Frakenstorm on the East Coast and now this-
Prayers are needed for America.

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capoodle by capoodle 28 Oct 2012

sewmom heard the tsunami waring was cancelled for the Pacific coastline.