by bonnetgirl 26 Oct 2012

Hello, I was wondering if someone can tell me what to do to be able to make coments and give flowers. The only way I can do any of this is to go into it and then refresh and if I make a coment first and forget to give flowers first I have to refresh again. This gets so hard to get through the designs. I downloade foxfire but I can

not figure out how to get any downloads...I have been this way since the updating of the new cuties.
Thank you for any help given.


by mops Moderator 29 Oct 2012

I am using Firefox and have no problem at all, except when I use the back arrow - which brings me back to the previous page, which is of course the one where I had not yet made the comment or given the flower. I just go on and afterwards I can refresh and see the flower have all turned orange.

by nglover1 28 Oct 2012

Hi I like lbrow have had this problem for weeks ( since the update ) but I just clicked on comment and guess what it worked you are the first comment I have been able to make in weeks. ( I hope it last ) and I could give you a flower Nancy

by pennyhal2 28 Oct 2012

I have to refresh a lot. For example, I go to Projects/Newest then I have to Refresh to get the newest projects. If I make a comment on a project and go back to the main list, I have to refresh again to get to the newest. I give flowers, but they do not stay orange. If I refresh, sometimes they will be orange, but not always. But I give a second flower anyhow. Can never have too many flowers.

So, you are not alone. I've just sort of not let it bother me, mostly. The only time it actually does bother me is when I've written a comment and it disappears. Then I can't remember if I actually wrote something or not, or just thought I did! Those senior moment thingy. If I refresh several times they usually show up. Sometimes they will show up later. But now I don't write comments if I think I already did and if I don't see it. Otherwise I end up writing two comments that say basically the same thing and I feel stupid.

by lbrow 27 Oct 2012

I have been in the same boat as you my dear for weeks and refreshing did not help me. This morning I can do everything I couldn't before. this has happened before so it may be shortlived. All I can say is be patient, I know Ms. V. is aware of our problems and is trying to fix everything. At my age patience is something you really have to work at./Lillian

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bonnetgirl by bonnetgirl 27 Oct 2012

Thank you I will try to be more patient.
Hugs Joann

by highlandermom 26 Oct 2012

I had that problem and it is fixed. I don't know how but fixed.Hope it happens for you too!

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bonnetgirl by bonnetgirl 26 Oct 2012

I am happy for you...but it has been going on since the updating has started and I see alot of people say that they are ok but not mine....It does get tiring not to mention taking longer to look and coment as I go along.

by sandyqueen 26 Oct 2012

Try giving the flower while in Community (not while reading the message). Read the message and then return to Community to give the flower.


sandyqueen by sandyqueen 26 Oct 2012

For comments click Add Comment (not report abuse) and type in the box that pops open for you.


bonnetgirl by bonnetgirl 26 Oct 2012

I have tried that ... don't work.

sandyqueen by sandyqueen 26 Oct 2012

I use both and for Internet. Tried Mozilla also.