by oigelcox 17 Oct 2012

Just curious are you cuties in the USA fed up with your up and coming elections. It seems it has gone on forever. We get it on every News broadcast down here in Australia including the debates you would think it was our election. I will be glad when it is all over. Hugs Joyce


by momhome 24 Oct 2012

Love your turtle. It says it all for me.

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oigelcox by oigelcox 24 Oct 2012

I am just watching David Letterman he has just said he is over it too after watching the latest debate he says it is the same old hashed over stuff and nothing new. Hugs Joyce

by gerryb 22 Oct 2012

We early vote. The only thing I really, really dislike is the automated phone calls! In fact, I dislike ALL phone calls from people that are taking surveys, selling stuff, etc. But you do have a choice not to listen to debates or read the paper; go do something during ad time, etc. it's a small price to pay for the right to chose a leader.

mrskiki by mrskiki 22 Oct 2012

Amen to that! Hugs. Nan W

oigelcox by oigelcox 24 Oct 2012

I give unwanted phone callers short shift. . Hugs joyce

by Janus48 18 Oct 2012

Let's see. Having lived in the USA all my life (some 60 odd years and believe me some are odd!) I still consider it a great privilege and responsibilty to vote. It is an honor denied to many. That being said there will always be many facets to the process and I appreciate that we have many choices. To vote or listen or not....this person or that or even to vote for myself!!..perish the thought!. Twould be a great folly to only have one "choice" If you truly hate the hype...let your representatives know. How many of us have ever written to our reps?? Be a voice!! YOU can be the change you want of others.

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oigelcox by oigelcox 19 Oct 2012

I agree it is a great privilege to be able to vote. Would you beleive here in Australia it is not a choice it is vote or be fined if you dont have a good excuse for not turning up to vote. That is why we have a high rate of informal votes. Some people object to being forced to vote. What a waste of a vote. Hugs Joyce

by dec716 18 Oct 2012

I heard last night people are early voting in record numbers.

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ramona by ramona 19 Oct 2012

and I pray they get counted. We had to do the absentee ballot this year.

by oigelcox 18 Oct 2012

Thanks for all your great responcers. I agree with all you cuties the money spent on elections around the world should be spent on helping people out and the world would be a better place to live in for all. Hugs Joyce

by eyeztodiefor10 18 Oct 2012

yes! I hate elections! They put yard signs up everywhere and not just for presidents. There's signs and postal mail for congressmen, senators, town and county supervisors, judges, etc! It's rediculous! I'm surprised you get out debates down there. It's just so much hot air. Can't wait for Nov 6th and then it will be all over again for another year.

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ramona by ramona 19 Oct 2012

Yes, you are right. I try to keep in mind the beliefs and history of the individual, not so much their promises. I believe they all make promises on polices they would like to make but sometimes they end up with their hands tied when they get to Congress. If we can get the one in there out, It's still going to take some time to get our country back on track but maybe we can get moving in a positive direction. The direction now is doom.

by rsehorse 17 Oct 2012

Yes, I am ! Everyday now we are even getting phone calls from one party or the other trying to do surveys and asking us who we are going to vote for. It is definately out of hand. Susan

by capoodle 17 Oct 2012

Think I would vote to the party that would donate all the fundraising hundreds of thousands in funds to our national debt and skip the debates. I toss out dozens of printed materials every day that the candidates are sending out. Such a waste and added matter to our landfills. But like my dad always said, "If you don't like what's on TV there is an off button."

by ramona 17 Oct 2012

Yes, pretty well fed up. I do ask that you pray for this country. We are in a bad way right now and hope it does not get worse. If people are going to get out and vote, I hope they don't throw their vote away on some independent. It's a wasted vote. The point I see of this election is to vote the current government housing resident OUT of office. I pray the Lord has mercy on this country. You can dislike politics but you need to care for your country.

barba by barba 17 Oct 2012

Amen! I agree 100% and will be voting! I hope and pray others join us in our quest to help return our country to the greatness we once enjoyed. Thank you!

ramona by ramona 19 Oct 2012

Yes, please!!!!

by grandmamek 17 Oct 2012

If I had my way, there would only be two weeks of this. Yes, I agree it has gone on forever. I will be glad when it is all over. It just seems as though our political scene is just aggravating. Hugs, Mary

by pennyhal2 17 Oct 2012

Democracy is a messy business as candidates have to make their viewpoints known to the populace. Even down to the level of school board elections in small towns, people have heated arguments in coffee shops and on local tv networks that go on until election day. Some people complain about negative tones. But it has been researched many times...and it was just on CNN again last night...that people respond to negative ads and ignore positive ones. So ad people know this and you get what people pay attention to which is negative ads. People who aren't interested usually just watch something else on tv. Dictatorships are a lot easier as no one has to tell anyone anything, but I prefer a democracy.

by thecraftycritter 17 Oct 2012

Wish your little critter could devour them both!

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oigelcox by oigelcox 18 Oct 2012

There is a couple of pollies here in Australia that I would like to fee to my critter too. Your elections will be over and ours is getting started already and we have 12 months to go and already our Leader and opposition leader are at each others throats. . Hugs Joyce

by tilde01 17 Oct 2012

Just be glad you're not being fed all the ads that we're being fed.

by jmweller 17 Oct 2012

I am also in the USA, and I will be SO glad when the election is over. All the bad-mouthing, etc. And people wonder why I dislike politics so much!!!

by michele921 17 Oct 2012

I live in the USA and hate all the ad's can't imagine having to watch and it's not even for your country LOL, just think if they took half the money they spend on ads so many things could be done to improve the world.

by oigelcox 17 Oct 2012