by almag 12 Oct 2012

Linework question. I have the 3D professional embroidery program. Is there a way that I can digitise linework designs from clipart with this program? I'm completely confused reading the instruction manual and I think I might be missing the information. I guess I need to know what section of the manual I need to study to be able to create lineart designs from clipart pictures.

Is there anyone who could help me, please?


by lilylyn 13 Oct 2012

Thank you Alma for asking this question and thank you to Mops for replying. Have saved the site and will have a look later when I can concentrate more. I have the 3d professional as well. Absolutely love it but still have some much to learn. If I didn't spend all my time "downloading" it would probably benefit me LOL.. Thanks again Hugs to all Lynx

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almag by almag 13 Oct 2012

I share your downloading dilemma!! You'll love the videos in the link Mops has given. If I can follow and understand them, then it's good news for others less aged-challenged than I. I have lovely clipart which I'm itching to use.

by mops Moderator 13 Oct 2012

There's a tutorial for doing red work in 3D in the ' university' section of Clipartopolis - see link below. It shows you how simple it is to. Could give you a written explanation, but this is so much better!

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almag by almag 13 Oct 2012

Thank you for the link. I did find this site late yesterday and worked on it side by side with my own digitising screen, step by step. Today I'll be working on it again. I think it's brilliant.

by clawton 13 Oct 2012

I think MOPS has experience with that software. Maybe do a PM to her. I don't have the prof version but there should be a step where you select outline instead of fill stitch.

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almag by almag 13 Oct 2012

Thanks for your message. Mops has the answer and the videos (3 of them for ease of downloading) are clear, concise and great..